Friday, May 23, 2008

Wilson Homestead

Charles B Wilson and Minnie Pearl Hatfield Wilson are my great-grandparents on my paternal grandmother's line.

Dad Wilson family 
(Charles B. Wilson and Minnie Pearl Hatfield) 
in front of the Dry Valley home near Monticello. Picture taken about 1918.
Back row: Grandma Wilson, Vern, Maymie
Dad Wilson is holding Pat 
Front row: Alma, John, Buck 
Alfred Hatfield is on the horse and Susie is on the far right standing behind the post

Charles "B" Wilson and Minnie Pearl Hatfield Family
Back row: Alma, Buck, John, Maymie
Front seated: Dad Wilson, Pat, Pearl
Picture taken at Bug Point, Utah about 1926

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Anonymous said...

On Sept 14,08 I was bringing Mom and Dad up to Utah to get their other truck and on the way thru Dry Valley (just north of Monticello) we deciced to drive back to where the homestead of Granddad Wilson was. We found the valley but couldn,t get to the location of the home. A story that Dad told about Maymie and her brothers and sisters was that they would have to go down the valley and get water a top this big rock. it had abig hole in the top of the rock that held water. The mule they had, had two casks to carry water back to their home. Once the water casks were full they would let the mule go and he would return home by himself and the kids would play on the way home. I brought up the valley on goggle earth and found the rock and sure enough htere is a big hole on top of it.