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Samuel Washington Lindley - Character Certificate

The Governor of Illinois, John Reynolds, wrote this Certificate of Character for Samuel Washington Lindley in 1833 when Lindley was moving to Texas. This document can be found in the Texas General Land Office at Austin, Texas.

Character Certificate for Samuel Lindley

Samuel Lindley and several family members moved from Illinois to the Mexican state of Coahuila y Tejas in November 1833. He moved his family to Texas after securing a Mexican Land Grant on the present boundary of Montgomery and Walker Counties. There he founded the town of Danville. Texas was still part of Mexico and Samuel needed a letter of recommendation from a reliable citizen of the US before he could be admitted to Texas.

Governor of Illinois wrote SWL a character certificate and it reads:
"State of Illinois, Fayette Co., Sept 27, 1833,
The Bearer hereof Mr. Samuel Lindley has resided in the Sate of Illinois about 20 years during which time I have known him and a number of his family and hereby take pleasure in certifying that hehas uniformly maintained a character for industry and sobriety and honesty, and that his deportment has been that of a Christian. John Reynolds, Governor of Illinois."
The recommendation was signed by Vehlein, a Mexican official who checked all papers of the people coming to Texas by way of Nacogdoches. It contained the notation "Located about one and a half miles south Cooshatee Trace a branch of the San Jacinto."

Samuel's son, Jonathan Lindley, also received a certificate of character, as did his son-in-law, John Sadler.  


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ty i am samuel lindley decendent. it was a real pleasure finding not just the dates but someting of the character of all the family. again ty linda s. phelps

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This is great information......

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