Monday, June 25, 2012

Buggy Ride

Charles B Wilson and Minnie Pearl Hatfield
Marriage and Buggy Ride

Charles B and Minnie are sitting in the buggy.  I've heard two versions of when this photo was taken.  One version is that it was taken on their Wedding Day, and the other is that it was taken a few days after the wedding.  Given the facts that Minnie and the woman on the horse, both have an interesting-looking ornate headdress/veil on and Charles has a suit on, my feeling is that the photo was taken on their Wedding Day.
Not sure of others in photo, but guessing they may be Minnie's family -- some of the Hatfield Clan.   But, the question of the day is:  Why take the photo on the edge of a cliff? 

Charles & Minnie in Buggy
Charles B Wilson and Minnie Pearl Hatfield were married on 14 Dec 1902 in Woods County, Oklahoma at the "Home of Bride" in the presence of Friends and Relations.  Below is a copy of their marriage certificate.

Marriage Certificate
At the time of the wedding in 1902, the "Home of the Bride" would have been the log home, shown in the photo below, on her parents homestead in Woods County, Oklahoma.
Hatfield Homestead

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Anonymous said...

I'm a Wilson. Our family did not end up with any pictures of the family. These pictures are great, especially the one with the buggy. What a wonderful idea to put them online for everyone in the family to access. Wish others who had family pictures would do that also. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the photos of the Hatfield family. I'm impressed with all the stories and work you have done on the Hatfield line.