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Family Bible -- Charles Wilson Family

Charles and Pearl Wilson Family
Bible Record

Charles and Minnie Wilson  Family Record
This family record is a copy from the Ball/McNeil/Hatfield/Wilson family bible. It was written on the back side of one of the bible pictures (see below) and was written by Minnie Pearl Wilson. After Grandma Wilson's death in 1966, the bible ended up with the Clayton Ervin (Pat) Wilson family and is now with his widow, Anna. The bible is said to be in poor shape with missing cover, missing title page, and many loose pages.  We do not have a copy of the title page -- sorry.
Copies of the pages were made in 1970 and also in 2004.

Transcription of above bible page:

Charles Venton Wilson born April 6 year 1876 at Denton Texas
Minnie Pearl Wilson born April 27 year 1886 Born at Smith Center Kansas
Children born to us:
William Martin Vernie Wilson born Sept 29 year 1903 at Quinlin, Okla. Woodward Co.
Mamie Pearl Wilson born July 14 year 1905 Estell Okla. Wood Co
Lilllie Alma Wilson born Oct 13 year 1908 Erick Okla.
John Venton Wilson born July 10 year 1911 Dequeen Ark.
Lonnie Evan Wilson born Feb 29 year 1916 Monticello Utah
Clayton Erving Wilson July 8 year 1918 Cove Creek Colo Dolores Co
Junita Maxine Wilson born Aug 5 year 1921 Urado Utah
Charles Lloyd Wilson born Feb 18 year 1928 Cove Creek Co
Charles Venton to Minnie Pearl Hatfield, Dec 14,  1902
William Martin Vernie to Laura Franks, Dec 5, 1925
Mamie Pearl to Elmer Martin, Nov 17, 1927
Lillie Alma to Martin Barnes, June 10, 1927
John Venton to Genevive Rose, Dec 30,  1935
Lonnie Evan to Inez Carter, Mar 6, 1933
Clayton Erving to Anna Pugsley, March 10, 1938

Below is the reverse side of the above page from the bible. 

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