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My Favorite Cowboy

My Favorite Cowboy
Grandpa Jess Baldwin

Jess Baldwin was born March 28, 1898 in Eliasville, Young County, Texas.  His parents were Allen and Mary (Stewart) Baldwin.  When he was about 15 years old, his parents moved up into Oklahoma - near Mountain Park, Kiowa County, Oklahoma.  He met a young lady named Mabel Leffel.  They married on Christmas Day 1917.  Jess and Mabel were the parents of fourteen children and grandparents of 46 (50 including step-grandchildren) and great-grandparents of about 89.

Grandpa was a "Horse Trader."  He spent most of his life buying and selling livestock - horses and cattle.  He worked at the Cortez Sale Barn and also a Sale Barn in Montrose, Colorado.

Below are a few pictures of Jess Baldwin and his horses.

Grandpa bought the above horse (name unknown) and saddle when he lived in California.  The saddle and bridle are decorated with silver conchos.

The pinto horse in the above photo was called Joker. Grandpa took him from Montrose, Colorado to Long Beach, California. Grandpa sold Joker to a man who used him in the movies.

The above horse was called Amber. Grandpa had him when he lived on South Market Street in Cortez, Colorado. He gave the horse to his daughter Verna, but as soon as he had a buyer for the horse sold her.

The picture above is of Grandpa and Angel. Grandpa, who was living in Montrose, Colorado, traveled to Salt Lake City, Utah to buy Angel.  In the photo below, Grandpa is holding a horse, name unknown.

The photo below looks as if Grandpa Jess is roping.  Not sure what horse he is on.  Both photos appear to be taken on the same day.

And finally the Cowboy rides away...
Last image of Grandpa Jess on a horse - It is a carving from his headstone.
Jesse William Baldwin died on 8 March 1972 in Montrose, Colorado.

If anyone has any stories about the horses shown here or other pictures of Grandpa with his horses, please contact me in comments. Thanks.

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