Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Jess and His Horses

Grandpa was a "Horse Trader". He spent most of his life buying and selling livestock - horses and cattle. Here are a few pictures of Jess Baldwin and his horses.

If anyone has any stories about the horses shown here or other pictures of Grandpa with his horses, please contact me in comments. Thanks.

Grandpa bought the above horse (name unknown) and saddle when he lived in California.

The pinto horse in the above photo was called Joker. Grandpa took him from Montrose, Colorado to Long Beach, California. Grandpa sold Joker to a man who used him in the movies.

The above horse was called Amber. Grandpa had him when he lived on South Market Street in Cortez, Colorado. He gave the horse to Verna until he had a buyer -- then took Amber back and sold it.

The picture above is of Grandpa and Angel. Grandpa bought him in Salt Lake, Utah and then took him back to Montrose where he was living at the time.
The photo below looks as if Grandpa Jess is getting ready to rope something.

Here is the final picture of Grandpa Jess on a horse - It is a carving from his headstone.

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