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James Cole of Plymouth

Although no Mayflower Ancestor has been found in the family, there is an early Plymouth Colonist -- James Cole, who was in Plymouth by 1633.  James Cole is our ancestor on our Hatfield Wilson family line. Great-grandma Minnie Pearl Hatfield Wilson's grandma was a Cole.
James Cole memorial marker on Cole's Hill
Plymouth, Massachusetts
Below is the James Cole fact sheet from the Plimoth Plantation.
James Cole Fact Sheet
Recently while doing research at the GSMD (General Society of Mayflower Descendants) Library in Plymouth, MA, I was excited to find a new book published in 2017 by Susan E Roser about our Pilgrim ancestor James Cole and his early descendants.

Although the GSMD Library did not have the book for sale, I ordered one as soon as I returned home. The author has a website:  The book arrived just before Thanksgiving, so I was able to spend Thanksgiving weekend reading about my Pilgrim ancestor, James Cole.

Pilgrims at Plymouth -

Information about James Cole of Plymouth can be found in many places online.  The best is the New England Historic Genealogical Society's website,  which has a profile of James Cole in their Great Migrations Study Project.  Much can also be found on, especially in their public family trees -- just be careful because there is a lot of "junk" posted there also. James Cole also has a profile on both FamilySearch and Find-a-Grave.  I will post another article on James Cole once I sift through all the information.😊

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Plymouth Colony and Plimoth Plantation

Last month while on a visit to Cape Cod, I was able to visit Plymouth and Plimoth Plantation.

Plymouth Colony was home to the Mayflower colonists who landed in 1620.  Although I do not have Mayflower ancestry, my children and grandchildren do.  Their ancestors who arrived on the Mayflower were John Alden and Priscilla Mullins.  John Alden came as a single man and was the ship's cooper, responsible for maintaining the ship's barrels.  Priscilla Mullins came with her family, although her father, William Mullins, step-mother, and brother all died that first winter.  John and Priscilla married on 12 May 1922 and were the parents of 10 children.  My children descend through their eldest daughter, Elizabeth Alden, who married William Pabodie.
John Alden and Priscilla Mullins Info
Plymouth Rock is supposedly the point where the Mayflower passengers first set foot on their new homeland.  Plymouth Rock is much smaller than I imagined.  Supposedly, over time pieces of the rock were chipped off as souvenirs. So, when the Pilgrims landed almost 400 years ago the rock was somewhat larger than it is now.
Plymouth Rock
Plimoth Plantation was our next stop.   "Plimoth" is an old-fashioned spelling of the word Plymouth used by Governor William Bradford in his history of the colony.  Plimoth Plantation is a living history museum located in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Plimoth Plantation

John Alden Home at Plimoth Plantation

Guess who got to meet his ancestor "John Alden"?

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Finding More Family with DNA

Using DNA to Find "F C Tucker"

Sometimes a DNA match will give just the right push in the right direction to help break down a stubborn brick wall.

Last year, a Box family mystery was solved using DNA and the newly launched Oklahoma Death Index.  After researching a DNA match I had received on, I was able to finally figure out who the 10 year old granddaughter “F M Tucker” was in an 1880 census for my 2nd great-grandmother, Roenna Box.
Clip of 1880 US Federal Census, Jack County, Texas, page 34
Roenna’s daughter and son-in-law, S A (Susan) and John Tucker, were listed in Roenna’s household with their two young daughters, enumerated only by their initials.  Click HERE to read about solving that mystery and figuring out who F M Tucker was.  The F M Tucker from the census record was our Florida Melissa Tucker (Stanford Leffel).  Florida is connected to our family two ways: 1) through her mother Susan Box, sister to our Caldona Jane Box, and 2) through her 2nd husband, George Leffel, brother to our Charles Leffel.  But, Florida only shares DNA with us from our common ancestors, Grief J Box and Roenna Johnson Box.

The F M Tucker puzzle was solved, but there was still the problem of the other daughter, listed only as 13 year old F C Tucker in the 1880 census record.  
So, who was F C Tucker, what was her name, and what happened to her??

About the time that Florida Tucker married Rufus Stanford in Wichita County, Texas, there was another Wichita County, Texas marriage record -- Fannie Tucker married to James Saunders in 1884. 

Could the Fannie Tucker in that 1884 marriage record be the missing F C Tucker, I wondered??  I could find no further records for a James and Fannie Saunders to support this theory -- no census records, vital records, newspapers -- nothing.  Another dead-end...

Using AncestryDNA Matches to Solve a Mystery

Last week while looking through my DNA matches on, I noticed one of my matches had a tree that included a Fannie Tucker married to a James Sanders with a father, John Tucker.  The tree had no facts or identifying information for Fannie, husband James Sanders, nor for her father John Tucker – no dates, no places, only their names.  And, the James was a Sanders NOT a Saunders. So, could this be the right family??  I did not see any other way I could be sharing DNA with the the owner of the tree, so I needed to investigate.:)
DNA match tree with Fannie Tucker (and John Tucker as a father)
 with husband James Sanders.
When I clicked on the shared matches tab, all of the known shared matches were cousins on the Box family line.  So, that told me that this match with the tree that included Fannie Tucker (with father John Tucker and married to a James Sanders) was sharing DNA with me from my Box family line.
I went back to look at the original 1884 Wichita County marriage record for the Fannie Tucker to James Saunders and I noticed something funny.  James Saunders name was spelled two different ways on the original certificate – Saunders on the license section on top and Sanders on the marriage portion on the bottom.  
So, which was right - Saunders or Sanders?
Could it be possible that this new DNA match with James Sanders and Fannie Tucker turn out to be the answer to the F C Tucker mystery??
Wichita County, Texas, Marriage Record, Book 1, Page 14
It appears that the spelling of Saunders on the top half of the marriage record was wrong and that the correct spelling was Sanders.  With that new information, I found a cemetery record for a James Sanders who died in 1891.  But if James died in 1891, what happened to Fannie and their children after his death and where did she go?  I could not find her or any of their children in the 1900 census.

The DNA match only had one child listed for James Sanders and Fannie Tucker, a child named Lee Elmer Sanders (see above pedigree).  So I started researching him.  I was able to put together a family of his parents and three other siblings.  But I could not find any of them in the 1900 census -- why?? 

Several of the death certificates for the siblings of Lee Elmer Sanders list their mother’s name as Fannie Caroline Tucker.  This looking more and more like my lost “F C Tucker” from the 1880 census. 

I continued to research the DNA match ancestor Lee Elmer Sanders and found his obituary that listed half-siblings.  That meant his mother Fannie had married again.  
Siblings listed from the Obituary of L E Sanders
Notice the half brothers and half sister.
I did a search for the names of the half-siblings and found the family in the 1900 census.  It appears that Fannie Tucker Sanders married again in 1899 to Thomas Kirkham, and so in the 1900 census, she and all of her Sanders children are listed with her new husband’s surname -- Kirkham.  
1900 US Federal Census, Jack County, Texas, page 82A, sheet 2
Fannie and her Sanders children enumerated with surname Kirkham.
Notice in the above census who is next door to Fannie and her husband, Thomas Kirkham.  It is Fannie's grandmother, Roenna Box!  It appears that Fannie had a close relationship with her grandmother Roenna -- she was living with her grandmother in the 1880 census and in 1900 she was living next to her.  Fannie may have lived with her grandmother after her first husband died in 1891.  

Once I had the information from the 1900 census, I was able to put Fannie's  family together quite easily.  Fannie had four more children with her 2nd husband, Thomas W Kirkham.  The Kirkham family moved to Oklahoma about 1904.  Fannie died on 16 Jan 1944 and is buried in the Sunny Lane Cemetery in Del City, Oklahoma.  I've updated all my trees and the family can now be found on my Ancestry tree, as well as on FamilySearch and on Find a Grave.

I am sure Fannie knew all of her Box relatives, especially since she lived with or next to her grandma Roenna Box for a lot of her life.  But present day family trees listed in online databases did not reflect those connections.  So, Welcome back to the Family, Fannie Caroline Tucker (Sanders Kirkham), daughter of Susan Ann Box and John Tucker, and granddaughter of Grief Johnson Box and Roenna Johnson.

She fits into the family tree as shown:

Benefits of Knowing Your DNA Matches

When looking at the shared matches on Ancestry with my original Fannie Tucker descendant match, I can now figure out many more of my previously unknown DNA matches.  Most of my matches on AncestryDNA do not have a tree, or do not have more than one or two generations filled out in their tree.  But, because of the additional information I found on Fannie’s descendants (surnames & locations) I can now figure who many of the previously unknown DNA matches are.

Thanks to DNA, my tree is becoming more complete as I find more descendant lines.

Both DNA and traditional research were required to solve this puzzle.  It could not have been done without the DNA or the research into original records.  

The DNA matches used for this post were found on AncestryDNA.  Sadly AncestryDNA does not provide a chromosome browser, so the shared DNA between the descendants of Fannie and the descendants of her cousins have not been triangulated.😒  Descendants of Fannie should share DNA with other descendants of Grief J Box and Roenna Johnson.

At the present time, there are 51 members in the AncestryDNA Circles for Grief J Box and for Roenna Johnson.  If you have taken Ancestry's DNA test and descend from the Box family and want to be included in their AncestryDNA Circle, extend your family tree back to include Grief J Box and Roenna Johnson.  

If tested at AncestryDNA, consider transferring the raw DNA to FamilyTreeDNA, MyHertiage, and/or GedMatch. Each of these companies provide a chromosome browser and many other tools.

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Finding Family with DNA

Finding Family with DNA
This will be the first of several posts about using DNA to find family.  Sometimes with the help of DNA, we can put a few cracks in our family history brick-walls and amazing things can happen.

Discovering Martha Baldwin's Family
Recently while looking through the "shared matches" of a known Baldwin 2nd cousin, I found a shared Baldwin match with a decent sized family tree (a rare treat because most matches do not have trees attached or have private trees😒)  Although the match tree did not contain one of our Baldwin’s, I saw a James Jutson.  I knew that a Baldwin 3rd great-aunt Martha Baldwin had married a James Jutson.  The match tree James Jutson had the right birth and death years and was from Texas, but he was not married to my Baldwin 3rd great-aunt like he should have been.  Instead the match tree showed his second wife Nancy.  I was confused because I should not be sharing any DNA with anyone who descended from James Jutson and his second wife.
DNA match tree with James Jutson married to Nancy Bailey
James' first wife was Martha Baldwin
I checked the "shared matches" tab of the owner of the above tree and more than a dozen known Baldwin cousins showed up.  So I knew that someone in this tree had to descend from common Baldwin ancestors.  And, none of us could share DNA with James Jutson’s descendants unless James had a child with his first wife, Aunt Martha Baldwin Jutson.  The DNA would need come through the Baldwin wife not the Bailey wife.  Since NO children were known to exist from the Baldwin/Jutson marriage, it was time to investigate!

My Mysterious Jane Baldwin Family
My Jane Baldwin family has always been and continues to be one of the biggest puzzles in my family tree.  Ever since I found that 1850 census record (30+ years ago) in Walker County, Texas, showing Jane as a widow with 12 children, I have been trying to discover more about her family.  Click HERE to read about discovering her husband William, who died in 1849.   But, what happened to most of Jane’s children still remains a mystery.  By 1870 only two of her thirteen children are known to be alive – Francis Marion and James.  The other eleven children were already deceased or their whereabouts unknown in 1870.  Only six of the thirteen children had descendants that were known about.  
So, it would be exciting to find another descendant line from Jane – that of her daughter Martha Baldwin.   Here is Martha's story.

Martha Baldwin
Not much is known about Martha Baldwin, the daughter of Jane and William Baldwin.  During her short life Martha appeared in only two records: the 1850 US Federal Census of Walker County, Texas and her 1853 marriage record from Walker County, Texas.  But, Martha may have left behind something just as important as records – her DNA.
According to the 1850 US Federal Census of Walker County, Texas, Martha Baldwin was born about 1834 in Illinois.  In that 1850 census, Martha was enumerated in the household of Jane Baldwin.  Martha, 16 years old at the time, was the third oldest child listed and appears to be the daughter of Jane, a widow and the mother of 12 children. 
1850 US Federal Census Walker County, Texas; pg 11-12
Jane Baldwin Family
Three years later, Martha Baldwin married James Jutson on February 3, 1853 in Walker County.  (James Jutson and Martha Baldwin, 03 Feb 1853; Walker County,Texas Marriage Records; FHL microfilm 1,034,889.)
Martha’s mother, Jane, moved from Walker County, Texas to Limestone County, Texas sometime in 1853.  Jane’s other children who were married by that time also made the move from Walker County to Limestone County, so it is highly likely that Martha and James made the move to Limestone County shortly after they were married. 

On July 16, 1860 James Jutson was living as a single man in Limestone County, Texas.  James was enumerated in the 1860 US Federal Census as a 30 year old “farm laborer” in the C W Nanny household, which was just next door to his mother-in-law Jane Baldwin and family.  As no Martha is listed in the 1860 census, she is presumably deceased. And, since no small "Jutson" children were living with James or next door with his mother-in-law Jane, it has also been presumed that Martha died without leaving any heirs. 
1860 US Federal Census Limestone County, Texas, pg 44
James Jutson, line 13
A week after the census was taken,  James Jutson married Nancy H Bailey on July 23, 1860 in Robertson County, Texas.  The following year on June 8, 1861 at Centerville, Leon County, Texas, James B Jutson enlisted in the Confederate Army – Co B(or H), 20th Texas Cavalry.  James survived the war to come home to his family in Limestone County, Texas.  But, just 4 years later James died on November 2, 1868.  He left behind his wife Nancy and 4 children.
In the 1870 US Federal Census of Limestone County, Texas, James' widow Nancy Judson  was enumerated as a 40 year old single white female head-of-household with 4 children in the home:  Emerly Judson, age 16; Martha Judson, age 14; Nancy Judson, age 12; Ida Judson, age 5.  Note that the older children in the household would have been born before the marriage of Nancy and James in 1860.
By 1880, the widow Nancy Jutson moved the family from Limestone County to Robertson County and was listed in Robertson County, Texas for the 1880 US Federal CensusBesides Nancy, three children are in the household: a daughter, Nancy A. Jutson, age 18; a daughter, Ida M Jutson, age 13; and a son, James M A Jutson, age 11.  The two older girls, Emily and Martha, from the 1870 census are not in the 1880 household.  Emily was married by then and Martha had disappeared from all records.
Emily Jutson, the “inferred” daughter of Nancy Jutson listed in the 1870 Census, married in about 1875 to James B Choate.  In 1880, Emily Choate, her husband James, and their three children are found in the US Federal Census for Limestone County.  Sometime before 1900, the Choate family had moved to the Fort Worth area in Tarrant County, Texas where they raised their family of nine children.  Emily continued to live in the Fort Worth area until her death on March 17, 1928.  
Emily’s death certificate gives the following information: Name: Mrs Emma Chote; Birth: 2 March 1855; Father: Jim Jadson; Mother: Nannie Jadson.
So, who was the mother of Emily Jutson Choate?  James’ first wife Martha Baldwin or his second wife Nancy Bailey?
Could Martha Baldwin be the mother of Emily Jutson Choate?
By just following the timeline of events and official records, it would appear that Emily was the daughter of James Jutson and his first wife Martha Baldwin.  
James and Martha married on 3 Feb 1853.  
Emily Jutson was born on 2 Mar 1855.  
Little Martha Jutson was born 1856-1857.  
Martha (Baldwin Jutson) most likely died around 1857-1859.  It is a possibility that Martha died giving birth to little Martha or shortly thereafter.  
James appeared to be single on the July 16, 1860 census record.  
A week after the census was taken, James married Nancy Bailey on July 23, 1860.  Emily, who was born in 1855, would have been about 5 years old when her father remarried and her sister, Martha would have been about 3 or 4 years old.   
Neither Emily nor Martha can be found in census records for 1860.  It is not known who was caring for them after their mother died.  
As soon as their father remarried, they would have been reunited in his household.  But by June 1861, James left to fight for the Confederate Army in the Civil War.  Emily and Martha would have been left in the care of their step-mother.
After their father James died in 1868, the Emily and Martha continued to live with their step-mother, Nancy.  They can be found living in her household in the 1870 census.  After their father died, there would have been no one in their lives to help keep the memory of their mother alive.  The only mother they could probably remember was their step-mother, Nancy.

DNA evidence supports the theory that Emily Jutson Choate is the daughter of Martha Baldwin.  Martha had three siblings (Arminda Baldwin Rose, Francis Marion Baldwin, and James M. Baldwin) who have descendants (12+ known Baldwin matches) who share DNA with descendants of Emily Jutson Choate.  The shared DNA evidence points to a relationship between the descendants of Martha Baldwin's siblings and the descendants of Emily Jutson Choate, and helps to prove that Emily was the daughter of Martha Baldwin Jutson.
By looking at the timeline of events, official records, and DNA evidence, it is safe to say that Emily Jutson Choate is the daughter of James Judson and his first wife, Martha Baldwin.
Tree showing Emily as the daughter of
Martha Baldwin & James Jutson
The DNA matches used for this conclusion were found on AncestryDNA.  Sadly😞 AncestryDNA does not provide a chromosome browser, so this shared DNA between the descendants of Emily Jutson Choate and Martha’s siblings has not been triangulated.  And, until the descendants of Emily Jutson Choate extend their tree to include Martha Baldwin and her parents (Jane & William Baldwin), they will not be included in the AncestryDNA Circle for Jane Baldwin.

All Choate descendants and Baldwin descendants are encouraged to have their DNA tested.  If tested at AncestryDNA, please consider transferring the raw DNA to FamilyTreeDNA, and/or Gedmatch.

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Cole Family Bible

Cole Family Bible

Three pages of information copied from the Cole Family Bible and one page of remarks were sent to me in 1987 by Ruth Cole Sauter.  At that time (1987) Ruth said the Cole Family Bible was in the possession of a cousin who would not let anyone see or touch it.  But earlier in 1955 when the bible had been in the possession of Ruth's aunt, a paid researcher by the name of Almon E. Daniels was allowed to see the Cole Family Bible and record the information from the bible.  Other family records were also examined and recorded by the researcher, such as information from the family hair sample book. (Remember that 1955 was before the age of Xerox copy machines.)

The Family Bible belonged to Joseph and Rhoda (Gifford) Cole.  Joseph Cole was the son of Nathan Cole and Judith Colburn.  During the last years of her life, Joseph's mother, Judith Colburn Cole (wife of Nathan), lived with him and his wife, Rhoda.  Therefore, Judith would have given input into the information contained in the bible and hair sample book.  By 1977, the hair sample book was missing and not found.

Cole Family Bible Transcription

Cole Family Hair Sample Book Transcription
Obituaries found in the bible.
Remarks about bible information

Transcription of the Bible information:
Nathan Cole born 31 July 1760 died 29 Dec 1827 in his 67th yr.
Judith Cole born 22 July 1767 died 28 Feb 1854 (7?) in her 90th yr.

Luther Cole born 22 June 1790
Sabra Cole born 15 Aug 1792
Nathan Cole, Jr. born 15 Sept 1794
Joseph Cole born 20 Dec 1796 died 16 Oct 1871, aged 74 yr. 9m. 26d
Betsy Cole born 8 June 1799
Judith Cole born 10 Jan 1802
Roce.enath Cole born 30 May 1804
William H. Cole born 13 Mar 1810

James M. Cole born 13 Dec 1823
Julia M. Cole born 25 Apr 1828

Frank M. Cole born 4 Dec 1856 died 17 Mar 1923
Mary F. Cole born 22 Sept 1858

Joseph Cole married 21 Mar 1823 to Rhoda Gifford
James M. Cole married 15 Feb 1854 to Julia M. DeWitt
Frank M. Cole married Feb 1876 to Ida Jane Bull

Rhoda Cole baptized 13 Sept 1829
James M. Cole baptized 9 Feb 1840
Frank M. Cole baptized 29 Jan 1871

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Wilson Affidavit of Heirship

This Affidavit of Heirship was found in papers belonging to Charles B Wilson.  The affidavit appears to have been created to prove the heirs of William Wilson, the father of Charles B Wilson. There is no record of it being filed with a court in Oklahoma or Colorado.  It was working copy, because there were still dates and places that needed to be filled out and it was never signed by a Notary Public.

Affidavit of Heirship pg1

Affidavit of Heirship pg 2
Affidavit of Heirship pg 3
Transcription of Affidavit:


CHARLES B. WILSON, of lawful age, being first duly sworn upon his oath deposes and says:
That he is 73 years of age, and that his post office address is Cortez, Colorado.

That he was personally and well acquainted with William Wilson, commonly known as Bill Wilson, during his lifetime, having known him for more than 40 years; that the said William Wilson is dead, having departed this life at Orr, Love County, Oklahoma, on or about the ___ day of July, 1918, being of the age of 83 years, or thereabouts, at the date of his death, and at which time he was a resident of Love County, State of Oklahoma.

Affiant further states that he is a son of said decedent, and that he was personally and well acquainted with the family and near relatives of said decedent, and those who under the laws of the State of Oklahoma, may be his heirs; that the statements herein made are based upon the personal knowledge of this affiant, and are true and correct.

Affiant states that said decedent died intestate, and that no administration proceedings were ever had on the estate of said decedent, and that all debts, including doctor bill, expenses of last sickness and funeral expenses have long since been paid.

Affiant further states that the said William Wilson, commonly known as Bill Wilson, was married but one time, and one time only, and then to Mary Huff, which marriage was solemnized on or about the ____ day of ____ , 1859, unto which union
the following children were born, to-wit:

Doris Fanning, nee Wilson, a daughter, born ______ 18__, who married John Fanning; moved to Montana many years ago; affiant has not heard from them, or either of them in more than 45 years and believes both are deceased.

William (Billy) Wilson, a son, born _____ 18__, who after attaining the age of majority, or thereabouts, being about 50 years of age, became engaged in a quarrel with one of his brothers, which quarrel terminated in a fight and William (Billy) leaving the country, taking with him his personal belongings, including his saddle, saddle horse and pack horse, and this affiant nor any member of his family have heard from or of him since, and believe that he died many years ago, and that he was single and unmarried.

Laura Means, nee Wilson, a daughter, born May 10, 1868, who married John M. Means.  John M. Means died January 1, 1936, and Laura Means, nee Wilson, died May 19th, 1938.

Rosa V. Baugh, nee Wilson, a daughter, born ______ 18__, married Daniel Baugh, who is now living at La Junta, Colorado.  Rose V. Baught, nee Wilson, Died on or about  ____ 1901.

Lillian Marrs, nee Wilson, a daughter, born ______, 1882, married John Marrs, who is now living at Ellscott, Alberta, Canada.  Lillian Marrs, nee Wilson, died November 21, 1915.

James E. Wilson, a son, born March, 1865, married Melissa King, who died July 8th, 1938; James E. Wilson died November 20th, 1941.

Charles B. Wilson, a son, this affiant, born April 6th, 1876, now living at Cortez, Colorado.

Affiant states that the said William Wilson, commonly known as Bill Wilson, died leaving surviving him the following named persons as his heirs:
Laura Means, nee Wilson, a daughter, now deceased,
James E. Wilson, a son, now deceased,
Charles B. Wilson, a son, now living at Cortez, Colorado,

and the following named grand-children:
William L. Baugh, a grandson, being the only child of Rosa V. Wilson Baugh, a deceased daughter of said William Wilson, deceased, now living at Dallas, Texas.
[Page 3]
Charles L. Marrs, a grandson
Nellie M. Burrus, a granddaughter, and
Irene Marrs, now Chaney, a granddaughter,
Being the only children of Lillian Marrs, nee Wilson, a deceased daughter of William Wilson, commonly know as Bill Wilson, deceased.

Affiant further states that the said Mary Huff Wilson wife of said William Wilson, commonly known as Bill Wilson, predeceased her said husband by many years, having died about the year 1898 at Quinlan, in the Cherokee Strip, now Woodward County, Oklahoma.

Affiant further states that the said decedent, William Wilson, commonly known as Bill Wilson, left no other child or children, nor any child or children of a deceased child or children, other than these above named; nor was there an adopted child of said deceased.

Further affiant sayeth not: 

Charles B. Wilson, Affiant

Subscribed and sworn to before me this __ day of April, A.D., 1949.

Notary Public, ________ County, State of Colorado, My commission expires: ________. 19__.

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Cotter-Morris Pedigree Chart

This chart was given to me about 25 years ago by my aunt.  She had received it from Grandma.  Not sure who gave the chart to my grandma.  Several people have asked me if I had ever seen the chart or knew of it's whereabouts, so I though I would post it.
Someone went to a lot of work to make it.  I think it was originally made to show the relationships of the John and Lizzie (Morris) Cotter Family.  On the chart, John and Lizzie are the two branches that merge together at the top

The surnames contained in the chart are: Copelin, Moser, Gray, Morris, Cotter, Whizenant, Box, Leffel.

The chart is quite large -- 24x36.  I scanned the chart full-sized and have a PDF which can be found on or  It can be found attached to the main people on the tree -- John and Lizzie (Morris) Cotter and their close family.  You can download it from those sites or email me so I can send it to you.
I'll add the pdf to this post when I figure out how to.:)

John Edgar Cotter was my mother's cousin.  John, the son of John Cotter and Susan Leffel, was born in 1904 in Chichasha, Oklahoma.  He married Lizzie Ellen Morris on 20 November 1927 in Chickasha.  Lizzie was the daughter of Joseph L Morris and Sarah E Copelin and was born in 1909 in Oklahoma.  They were the parents of eight children.  John and Lizzie are both buried in the Gruver Cemetery in Gruver, Texas.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Lillie Hatfield Smith


Lillian Victoria Hatfield Smith was the older sister to my great-grandmother, Minnie Pearl Hatfield Wilson.  During the last few years of her life, Lillie lived with her sister, Pearl, in Pearl's small house in Cortez, Colorado.   I would often walk with my Grandma Maymie from her house across town to visit with her mother Pearl and her Aunt Lillie. I remember that Lillie was taller than my great-grandmother.  Lillie was always nice,  and she must have worn a floral perfume because she smelled like flowers. 
Ray and Lillie Smith
Lillian Victoria Hatfield was born 9 April 1884 in Jewell County, Kansas.  She was the third child and first daughter born to Martin and Nancy (McNeil) Hatfield.  When Lillie was about 14 years old the family moved to Oklahoma.  Her father, Martin Monroe Hatfield, homesteaded land in Woods County, Oklahoma. 

Wedding Photo for Lillie and Ray
Lillie married Ray Ruggles Smith on 7 Jun 1905 in Alva, Woods, Oklahoma.  Lilly was 21 years old and Ray was 26 years old.  Their wedding photo is shown above and Lillie's record of their marriage from her family bible is shown below.  The only witness is Myrtle Hatfield, wife of her brother John.

Lillie's Baby
By 1910, the Smith's had moved to Sidney, Nebraska.  Three years later, their son Ray Douglas Smith was born in Sidney on Thursday, 4 Sep 1913, at 6 o’clock pm.   The only record that I have been able to find for Lillie's son is a bible record and a notation inside a photo album. 
Ray Douglas Smith - 4 months
It is not known how long little Ray lived, but there are no photos of him except for the two baby pictures shown here.  I have been unsuccessful in finding a record of his death or where he was buried.  But, I do remember Lillie showing me these pictures of her son.  At the time it made me sad to think she lost her little baby boy - maybe because she was sad when she told me about him.  I'm not sure why Lillie did not make a record his death.  Perhaps, she could not bring herself to think about it.  
Lillie and little Ray
In 1918,  when Ray registered for the WWI draft, he and Lillie were living in Malta, Phillips County, Montana.  Ray stated that his occupation was in Real Estate and that his next of kin was his wife, Mrs. Lillie V. Smith.  Ray was 39 years old and his physical description was tall, stout build, blue eyes, and dark hair.

Move to Florida
The Smith family cannot not be found in the 1920 census, so it is not known where Ray and Lillie were living at that time.  By 1929, Ray and Lillie were listed in the city directory of Miami, Florida.  In the 1930 census, Ray and Lillie were living in Hialeah, Dade County, Florida.  Lillie gave her occupation as a dress maker in dress factory.  In the photo below, Lillie is seated at the sewing machine in the back (3rd from left).  Not sure if this is part of the dress factory or not? 
Lillie Smith working as a dress maker.
In the 1932 city directory for Miami, Ray’s occupation is listed as a clerk for the law firm Jarrell, Brooks, and Rogers.  But, in the 1940 census, Ray’s occupation is real estate.  Below is a photo of Ray working at his desk in his real estate office. 
Ray Smith sitting at his desk in his real estate office.
Ray and Lillie Smith
 Ray died in March 1956 in Dade County, Florida.  After the death of her husband, Lillie moved to Cortez, Colorado and lived with her sister, Pearl.  Lillie made a notation in her bible that stated she "arrived in Cortez, Colorado from Miami on June 27, 1956."

The photo below is of Lillie, her mother Nancy, and her sister Pearl.  Since Nancy died in 1946, Lillie must have made the trip out to see her mother prior to that time.
Pearl, Nancy, Lillie
Lillie died on 20 July 1959 in Cortez.  She is buried next to her brother, Charles, in the Dove Creek Cemetery in Dove Creek, Colorado. 

To view Lillie's Find-A-Grave memorial page: click here.

Since Lillie had no living descendants, Maymie ended up with the few photos that told Lillie's story.  Eventually, I ended up with the photos and some memories, and knew they needed to be shared.