Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Rocky Ford Sunday School 1904

Rocky Ford Crossing Sunday School 1904

This photo was titled Rocky Ford Crossing Sunday School, Dec-11-04 and it was taken by Chas. Beindorf.  The photo was given to me years ago by Hollis Leffel.

Charles Leffel (our ancestor) is the 2nd on the far right side and his wife, Caldona, is 3rd from the right. Grandma Baldwin (Mabel Leffel) is the cute little girl in the 2nd row, right in the middle, standing to the left of the girl in the white dress and just behind all the boys sitting in the front row. She has a pouty little face, pigtails with bows and a dress made out of the same material as her mother, Caldona.

Great-grandpa Charles Leffel would often preach at the little church.

According to Hollis Leffel, others in the photo are:
"All the Bud Barkers, Maggards, Stevensons, Arty Price and many others including Mr. & Mrs. Isenberger and Grandma & Grandpa Leffel." 
"You [writing to Mabel Leffel Baldwin] were in the front standing row, next to you were Emily Maggard, Lucy Wilhoit on your left down in front sitting on the ground was, Kirby, Wade & Henry Stevenson, and three other boys that I could not identify.  Behind Lucy, was Aunt Alice next to her was Cabeen Stevenson.  Uncle Lane [Layne] was in the back row.  Aunt Ann holding Chester in her arms was standing in the left foreground.  Pearl Davis (McDonald) standing next to her.  Uncle Bob standing just behind holding Charlie's hand.  Grandpa was the only man there bareheaded."

Rush Springs is one of the oldest communities in Grady County, Oklahoma. In 1901, Our Leffel family moved from Texas to the Rush Springs area. They probably lived in-between Rush Springs and Rocky Ford, since they attended church in Rocky Ford.

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