Sunday, February 17, 2013

Charles B Wilson Photos

Miscellaneous photos of Charles B. Wilson and family

Left to Right: Vern Wilson, Charles B. Wilson, Martin Barnes, Elmer Martin, John Wilson, ?, young boy on right is possibly Pat.

Above photo is of a successful hunting trip.  About 1927, Bug Point, Utah (?).  Charles Wilson in front.  Son-in-law, Elmer Martin, in back.

Charles Wilson Family
Charles Wilson Family:  Pearl and Charles sitting in front, Maymie and Alma standing behind them.  Boys in back from left to right: Pat, Vern, Buck, John.  Not sure where this is taken -- Does anyone know?

Pearl and Charles Wilson

Pearl and Charles Wilson, Elmer and Maymie Martin
Probably taken about 1947 in Yuma, Arizona.

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