Sunday, February 17, 2013

Charles B Wilson Photos

Miscellaneous photos of Charles B. Wilson and family

Charles Wilson 1926

Left to Right: Vern Wilson, Charles B. Wilson, Martin Barnes, Elmer Martin, John Wilson, ?, young boy on right is possibly Pat.

Successful hunting trip.  About 1927, Bug Point, Utah (?).  Charles Wilson in front.  Son-in-law, Elmer Martin, in back.

Charles Wilson Family
Charles Wilson Family:  Pearl and Charles sitting in front, Maymie and Alma standing behind them.  Boys in back from left to right: Pat, Vern, Buck, John.  Not sure where this is taken -- Does anyone know?

Pearl and Charles Wilson

Pearl and Charles Wilson, Elmer and Maymie Martin
Probably taken about 1947 in Yuma, Arizona.

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