Thursday, May 1, 2008

Baldwin Family Tree - Ancestors of Jess Baldwin

Jess William Baldwin
The Baldwin family history contains the ancestry of Jess William Baldwin.  Jess was born in 1898 in Eliasville, Young County, Texas to Allen and Mary Jane (Stewart) Baldwin.  When he was about 15 years old, his parents moved up into Oklahoma - near Mountain Park, Kiowa County, Oklahoma.  He met a young lady named Mabel Leffel.  They married on Christmas Day 1917.  Jess and Mabel were the parents of fourteen children and grandparents of 46 (50 including step-grandchildren) and great-grandparents of about 89.

The main surnames in this BALDWIN family line are: Baldwin, Sadler, Lindley, Whitley, Stewart and Medlin.They are from Oklahoma, Texas, Tennessee and Illinois.

This family tree may be viewed at BALDWIN STEWART FAMILY TREE on, or on, and  Contact me for a free invite to the tree.

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