Sunday, May 25, 2008

Gone to Texas

Gone to Texas, often abbreviated G.T.T. or GTT, was a phrase used by Americans immigrating to Texas in the mid-1800's. They moved to Texas for many reasons; often to escape debt, to start over again, begin for the first time, to get land or looking for adventure as well as for new fortunes. Obtaining "land" seems to be the driving force for most of our ancestors. "Gone to Texas" or "G.T.T." was often written on the doors of abandoned houses or posted as a sign on fences.

Many of our ancestors moved to Texas during this period of time. So just remember, that each of us who are descendants have a bit of Texas in our DNA.
Below is a list of some of our "Gone to Texas" (GTT) ancestors who moved to Texas during the 1800's:
* denotes a direct ancestor
+ denotes a "Republic of Texas" ancestor (in Texas 1836-1845)

GTT Baldwin Ancestors:
*+Samuel Washington Lindley & Elizabeth Whitley Family (son Jonathan died at the Alamo)
*+John Sadler & Bathsheba Lindley (John fought at the Battle of San Jacinto)
+Mills Whitley Family
+Sharp Whitley Family
*+Jane Baldwin Family (husband possibly William Baldwin)
+Benjamin Franklin Baldwin (with parents)
+Allen Baldwin (with parents)
*Henry Stewart & Betty Medlin Family

GTT Leffel Ancestors:
*Charles Edgar Leffel (with parents)
*David Miller Leffel & Susan Evaline West Family (David was killed at the Great Hanging at Gainesville 1862)
*Michael West Family
John W. West Family
Rebecca West & John Haning Family
Michael Perry West
*Grief Johnson Box & Roenna Johnson Family
*Caldonia Jane Box (with parents)
Thomas Box & Clarkey Carpenter Family
Mary Box & Hugh G. Henderson Family
+James Francis Box Family
James Jackson Box Family
William Young Box Family
+Stephen F. Box Family
James Pruett Hellums Family
Mary Ann Hellums Jeffery Family
Anna Hellums Jeffery Family
William Harmon Johnson Family
John Alfonzo Johnson Family
Alfonzo Sterret Johnson Family

GTT Wilson Family:
*William B. Wilson (with parents)
*Mary Polly Huff (with parents)
*+James Wilson Family
*David Wilson Family
Pleasant Wilson Family
William Carothers Wilson Family
Elizabeth Wilson Carruth Family
David Carroll Wilson Family
Margaret Wilson Null Family
Leonidas Wilson Family
*Matthew B. Huff Family (some family members later changed their name to Hoff)
Joseph Day Family

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I saw Hatfield's on here & was wondering if they are in any way related to any that were from TN , Va , Ky? That's where most of mine were/are. But some ancesters did go out west.
Thanks, Jeanie