Sunday, May 25, 2008

Family History Humor

Suzy Lee fell in love --She planned to marry Joe.
She was so happy about it all, --she told her pappy so.
Pappy told her, "Suzie Gal, --you'll have to find another.
I'd just as soon yo maw don't know, --but Joe is yo half-brother."
So Suzie forgot about her Joe --and planned to marry Will.
But after telling pappy this, --he said, "There's trouble still.
You can't marry Will, my gal --and please don't tell yo mother,
cause Will and Joe and several MO --I know is yo half-brother."
But mama said, "Honey chile, --do what makes you happy.
Marry Will or marry Joe, --You ain't no kin to pappy!"

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