Thursday, May 1, 2008

Wilson Family Tree

Maymie Pearl Wilson, 19 years old
The Wilson family tree contains information on the ancestry of Maymie Pearl Wilson, my paternal grandmother.  She was born on July 14, 1905 in her Hatfield grandparents log cabin near the little town of Estelle, Oklahoma.  Maymie was the daughter of Charles B Wilson and Minnie Pearl Hatfield.  Maymie married Elmer M Martin on 17 November 1927 in Cortez, Colorado.  They were the parents of two sons.

Maymie's Wilson family is from Tennessee by way of Texas and Oklahoma.  The Wilson line goes back to Colonial America.   Maymie's maternal Hatfield family is from Iowa, Kansas, and Indiana.

Maymie's ancestry contains the following surnames: Wilson, Hatfield, McNeil, Cole, Huff, Coddington, Jay, Hockett, Caywood and Goble.  

Maymie Wilson Martin Family Tree
This family tree may be viewed at,,, or  On the tree is called WILSON HATFIELD FAMILY tree.

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