Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fixin' Supper -- the "Minnie Pearl" Style

This is a picture of Grandma Wilson (Minne Pearl Hatfield Wilson) taken about 1911 on the Rooker Ranch near Red Rock, New Mexico (in the Zuna Mountains near Gallup). Grandpa Wilson worked on the ranch.
Grandma Wilson was a true pioneer woman -- she would take her 22 rifle and go out hunting for squirrels or rabbits for their dinner. Don't complain about needing to run out to the grocery, just think about Grandma "Minnie Pearl" Wilson grabbing her rifle and going out hunting for squirrels and rabbits just so she could 'fix' dinner.

This next picture is of Vern & Maymie taken the same day as the picture above of Grandma Wilson. Vern was 8 years old and Maymie was 6 years old. They are standing in front of a cellar on the Rooker Ranch.
Maymie was wearing a bright blue dress with a white lace collar. Their dog, old Spot, is standing next to them. Vern is holding the 22 rifle his mother would use to go out shooting squirrels & rabbits for their dinner.

Minnie Pearl Hatfield Wilson was the daughter of Martin Monroe Hatfield and Nancy Abigail McNeil.  The Hatfields are part of the Wilson family line. 

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Anonymous said...

I would really like to speak with you. The picture of Vern and Maymie, that is my great aunt and uncle. Their baby sister Elma, I'm her youngest daughter, Lavina's, granddaughter.