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Caldona Jane Box Leffel

Caldona Jane Box Leffel
Caldona Jane Box Leffel is the daughter of Grief Johnson Box and Roenna Johnson. She was born on 18 March 1858* in Bradley County, Arkansas. When she was young, her family moved to Texas. 

Caldona married Charles E. Leffel on 18 November 1875 in Dallas, Texas.  Charles was a widower with a 5 year old son, David.  Caldona and Charles were the parents of nine** children, with Grandma Baldwin being the youngest. 
Children of Caldona and Charles Leffel:
Rowena Evalyn "Eva" Leffel (1876-1928) md 1) Willis E Sheets, 2) Frank W Dellbrugge  
Mary Susan Leffel (1878-1964) md 1) John R Cotter, 2) George G Morris, 3) George Johnson
Anna Eufamie Leffel (1880-1965) md George R Willhoit
Lillie Catherine Leffel (1881-1968) md Thomas W McDonald
Charles Wesley Leffel (1882-1934) md Minnie V McDonald
Layne Lemuel Leffel (1890-1957) md Mabel E Williams
Alice Oberia Leffel (1894-1922) md Fred Lossing
Kirby William Leffel (1897-1961) md Flora May Clark
Mabel Edna Leffel (1900-1995) md 1) Jess W Baldwin, 2) Ernest Martin

Caldona died 12 February 1926 in Chickasha.  She is buried next to her husband in the Rose Hill Cemetery in Chickasha, Oklahoma.
Caldona and Charles Leffel Headstone
*Note: There is some confusion as to the birth year of Caldona.  Her death certificate and headstone gives her birth as 18 Mar 1860, BUT, the 1900 Census gives her birth as Mar 1858 and in the 1860 Census she was enumerated as being two years old.  The 1860 census would have been made closest to the time of her birth.  The 1880 census she is 21 and in the 1910 census she is 52.  A son-in-law gave the information on the death certificate -- how many son-in-laws know their mother-in-laws birth date?  I will use the 1858 birth year.

**Note: In the 1900 US Census, Caldona stated she gave birth to 11 living children and only nine were still living at that time.  So, there may be been several other children who died in infancy.  Someone mentioned once that Anna was a twin and the other twin died.  If anyone has more information, please leave a message.:)

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