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Jess & Mabel married Christmas Day 1917

Jesse Baldwin married Mabel Leffel on Christmas Day 1917 in Mountain Park, Oklahoma. 

50th Wedding Anniversary

Jess and Mable Baldwin were the parents of fourteen (14) children and grandparents of 46 (50 including step-grandchildren) and great-grandparents of about 89.  Grandpa acted as midwife and delivered most of their children himself.  They never mentioned that grandma was expecting a baby.  The children would come home from school there would be a new baby.  One of the daughters once asked grandpa where the new little baby came from.  His reply was that he found it in a rabbit hole.  She said she spent the next week looking for a rabbit hole with a new little baby in it.:)

Jess and Mabel lived in Oklahoma until 1934, then moved to Arizona for a few years, then to Colorado in about 1938.  They lived the rest of their lives together in either Cortez or Montrose, Colorado.

Those of us who are older are fortunate enough to remember Grandpa Jess.  Ask any of the cousins and some of their favorite childhood memories are of spending time with grandpa.  We all remember helping grandpa feed and milk the cows and how he would tell us to look up to see the star and then squirt us in the face with milk.  Grandpa loved to tell stories and always had a willing audience when grandchildren were around.  He loved the holidays and always tried to make them special for his children and grandchildren - especially Christmas.  And, we could all say without a doubt that we knew grandpa loved us. 

Grandma was always busy cooking and taking care of everyone.  She was one of the best cooks around and always made room for friends and guests to join in the family meals.  Everyone loved grandma's cooking.  Caring for a large family during the depression was a challenge and Grandma made most of the clothes that the family needed.  One of the girls would show grandma a picture of a dress they liked in the catalog and she would make one just like it for them.  Grandma always had a large vegetable garden and would can fruits and vegetables every fall.  Her tomatoes were the best!  She was an amazing woman.  We (her descendants) refer to her as a super woman!

30th Wedding Anniversary

Jess & Mabel 1961

Jess & Mabel 50th

Below is their marriage record from Kiowa County, Oklahoma
Marriage Record for Jess Baldwin & Mabel Leffel

Does anyone have a wedding picture for Grandma & Grandpa Baldwin??  If so, please share a copy!

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