Monday, June 16, 2008

Old Stone House

Henry Stewart Home -- Kiowa County, Oklahoma

left to right
Allen Baldwin (our ancestor) is leaning against the post, his son Jess (my grandpa) is standing in front of him with the white shirt & suspenders, Mary is next to the post with Maude and Charlie in front of her, ?unknown?, Betty Stewart holding a baby, Mattie Stewart, ?unknown?, ?known?, Etta, Mattie, Bettie, Evert, Henry Stewart

Some say this old stone house was in Mountain Park, some say in Cooperton, and some say it was in Mountain View (all in Kiowa County, Oklahoma). Henry lived in Mountain View just before he died in 1912 and that is where his blacksmith shop was located. Anyone know the answer to this question -- Was the stone house in Mountain View, Cooperton or Mountain Park?? 

Picture below with the Oldakers was taken about 1907 and the picture above sometime after hen the house was completed.

The next picture was taken during the construction of the home.
On top of the house (left to right) Will Oldaker, George Oldaker, Louis Oldaker, Charlie Stewart, Evert Stewart
Standing in front of the houseLizzie Oldaker, Bettie Stewart, Pearl Oldaker, John D. Oldaker, Mattie Stewart, Blanche Oldaker, Henry Stewart

John D. Oldaker was a stonemason and Henry Stewart hired him to help build the stone house. Grandpa Henry Stewart and John D. Oldaker became good friends. Then they became in-laws when Evert Stewart married Blanche Oldaker. I am not sure what kind of clothes Louis Oldaker has on -- looks like a circus outfit.

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Rod Burton said...

I believe it is actually in Gotebo. I don't believe it was in the actual town at the time it was built. There is a large stone house to the left on Rural Road 9 which leads to Mountain View that looks like the Stewart house. It is built of very orange stones which seem to be native to the area. When you have only seen photos in black and white the orange color is very surprising. I has had a little remodeling, but none the less I believe it is the same house. It is the only stone house in the area.