Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Jess Baldwin at the Cortez Sales Barn


Jess Baldwin worked at the Cortez Sales Barn. His job was to go out and buy livestock to auction at the Sales Barn.  In the above photo, Grandpa is standing with his greyhounds in front of the Sales Barn Truck.  Grandpa Jess loved his greyhound dogs.  Grandma told me that when they moved from Oklahoma to Arizona,  Grandpa brought his greyhounds with him.

This picture belonged to the Lichliter family.  The Lichliters owned the Cortez Sales Barn where Grandpa Jess worked as a livestock buyer.  Jess is second from the left, leaning on the front of his car.  His daughter, Verna, said she learned how to drive a car in the car Jess is leaning on.  As a young girl, I can remember going to the Cortez Sales Barn.  I'd sit there fascinated by all the people, especially the auctioneer  -- I loved all the sights, sounds and even the smells.  Good memories.

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