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"Pioneer in the new 'City of the Dead' at Dove Creek"

Martin Monroe Hatfield was the first burial in the Dove Creek Cemetery (Dove Creek, Colorado). His obituary states: "Mr. Hatfield has been three times a pioneer. His first being in Kansas, then Oklahoma, and two years ago he came to Colorado. He loved the pioneer life and it is fitting that he should become the pioneer in the new "City of the Dead" at Dove Creek."

The plaque attached to the headstone reads:
Martin M. Hatfield
First Grave in Cemetery

This next picture was taken in 2001 at the Dove Creek Cemetery looking south toward the location of where the Hatfield farm would have been.

Also buried in the Dove Creek Cemetery is Martin M. Hatfield's daughter, Lillie Smith, and his son, Charles O. Hatfield.

Obituary for Martin Monroe Hatfield:
The funeral services of Martin M. Hatfield, who died suddenly at Dove Creek Friday, were held at the Dove Creek school house Tuesday afternoon and were conducted by Rev. C. L. Flanders of the Dolores Baptist church. Music was furnished by a mixed quartet composed of O. J. Shultz, wife and daughter and Mr. McConnell. A large concourse of people were present to bear testimony of the esteem in which the deceased was held. His remains were laid to rest in the new cemetery at Dove Creek.
Martin Monroe Hatfield was born in Boone County, Iowa, April 18, 1857 and died at his home in Dove Creek, Colorado, May 31, 1918, at the age of 61 years, 1 month and 13 days. In early manhood he became a Christian and united with the Baptist Church and proved himself a good true Christian man. At the time of his death, he was superintendent of the Dove Creek Sunday School.
On New Year's Day, 1879, he was married to Nancy Abbagel McNeil at Smith County, Kansas. He leaves a wife, nine children, twelve grandchildren, three brothers and a host of friends to mourn his departure.
The deceased was a member of the Farmers Union of Dove Creek, which organization took charge of the burial. He took an active interest in all the affairs of the community that were for the benefit and uplift of the same.
The day before his death, he was at the farmer's meeting at Cahone and in the morning of his death ate a hearty breakfast and went about the place doing his usual chores. About the middle of the forenoon he was stricken with neuralgia of the heart and passed away before medical aid could reach him.
He was conscious to the last and realized his time had come and he gave directions to his loved ones as to his burial and their remaining together in this new country.
A plot of ground was selected on his farm for a cemetery and he was laid to rest amid the scenes of his hearts greatest desire while in this life.
Mr. Hatfield has been three times a pioneer. His first being in Kansas, then Oklahoma, and two years ago he came to Colorado. He loved the pioneer life and it is fitting that he should become the pioneer in the new "City of the Dead" at Dove Creek.

Find A Grave Memorial Pages for Martin and Nancy Hatfield: 
Martin Monroe Hatfield's Find A Grave: click here.
Nancy Abbagail McNeil Hatfield's Find A Grave: click here.

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Family Record for the John McNeil Family of Parke County, Indiana

This is a family record of the John & Sally McNeil family of Parke county, Indiana.  This family record was found in the Nathaniel McNeil Civil War pension file.

In 1908, the youngest son of John and Sally McNeil, Nathaniel, needed to prove his birth date for his Civil War pension. Nathan had an old biographical dictionary (Lempriere's Biographical Dictionary) published in 1827 that had belonged to his father, John McNeil. Inside the dictionary was a written copy of the Family Record for John McNeil family. Nathan took this to a Notary Public in Garfield County, Oklahoma and the affidavit of the McNeil Family Record can found in Nathan's pension file.

*Note: There is one transcription error of the original. John's wife is listed as Dolly -- it should read Sally and was mistakenly transcribed at some point. The Mathew Miller included in the list is the father of Nathan's wife, Malinda Jane Miller. Nathan's two children are also listed.

Transcription of above record:
(Page 1)
State of Oklahoma,:
County of Garfield,:
Nathaniel McNeil, being first duly sworn on oath deposes and states:
That he was 75 years of age on the 14th day of October, 1907, and that he was born on the 14th day of October, 1832.
That there is not a public record of his birth, and no baptismal record of his birth, but that there is in his possession a family record of his birth, which was kept in a copy of “Lempriere’s Biographical Dictionary” which was published in 1827 by D.F. Robinson & Co., of Hartford, and which was kept by affiants father John McNeil, who was born March 18th 1784, as shown by said record, and the record then proceeds with the dates of birth of the various members of the family, and shows the name of Nathaniel Strong McNeil, born October 14, 1832, and which refers to, and is the name of the affiant, but that the affiant has since maturity cropped the middle name “Strong”, and has never used it as a part of his name since. That ever since the death of affiant’s father in 1852, the said family record has been in the possession of affiant.
Nathaniel McNeil (signed)
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 29th., day of January 1908.
Chalmers B. Wilson (signed)
Notary Pubic

(page 2)
A List of Ages.
John McNeil was born March 18th 1784.
Dolly (this is prob a transcriber error and should read Sally) McNeil was born in the (sic) of our lord 1791.
Our son John C. McNeil was born May 16th., 1814.
Thomas A. McNeil was born June 16th 1816.
William L. McNeil was born July 21st., 1818.
Neal McNeil was born June 23rd., 1820.
Sally Ann was born March the 20th., 1822.
Elizabeth was born February 29th., 1824.
James McNeil was born March 4th., 1826.
Pleasant McNeil was born January the 14th., 1828.
Andrew Sterling McNeil was born August 15th., 1830.
Nathaniel Strong McNeil was born Oct. 14th., 1832.
Violet Irene McNeil was born November the 28th., 1901.
Mathew Miller was born Feb. 7th 1839.
Lyoid Oliver Jay McNeil was born Sept. the 21st., 1904.

State of Oklahoma,:
County of Garfield,: SS:
I, Chalmers B. Wilson, a Notary Public in and for said State and County do hereby certify the above and fore-going copy of the family record showing the name and date of birth of Nathaniel McNeil, the affiant who has signed and sworn to the attached affadavit, to be a true and correct copy of said record taken from the book described in said affadavit. The entire record including the name of Nathaniel Strong McNeil was made with old, acid ink, and no erasures, and the names after that beginning with Violet Irene McNeil have been made later with an entirely different ink. The said book of record was published in 1827, and ? I believe the writing to have been done at about the dates mentioned. Done at Enid Oklahoma this 29th., day of January 1908. Chalmers B. Wilson, Notary Public

**Note: Information found online about the above mentioned book.
"Lempriere's Biographical Dictionary" was published in Hartford by the D.F. Robinson & Co. in 1827. Author was John Lempriere. The book was made with period full leather binding, gilt-tooled smooth spine, and had engraved frontis showing portraits of historical figures. The book measured 4 1/2" W x 7 1/2" H and was 444 pages. Full title: Lempriere’s Biographical Dictionary, or Sketches of the lives and Celebrated Characters in Every Age and Nation. Embracing warriors, heroes, poets, philosophers, historians, divines, [etc.]. Also: Notices of One Hundred Eminent Living Individuals

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McNeil Cemetery, Parke County, Indiana

McNeil Cemetery is in a small grove of trees in the middle of a field (private property) in Raccoon township in Parke County, Indiana. Several years ago, we were able to travel to Parke County. The present owner of the land that our John C. McNeil owned, was kind enough to walk us out to the cemetery and help us find the headstones. All of the headstones had fallen over and were covered with overgrowth and leaves. We had to poke around through the leaves & brush until we felt the hard headstones. Then we wiped and cleaned everything off of the top of the headstones and then took pictures.

This first headstone is our ancestor, John C. McNeil (1784-1852). John was the owner of the land the cemetery is located on.
These next two headstones are of John McNeil's brother, Thomas Hargis McNeil (1795-1850), and his wife, Malinda McNeil (1806-1859).
This last picture is of the present owner of the land and yours truly. We are in front of his barn and workshop. He was writing down his name and address for me. After I got back home, I sent him histories of our McNeil ancestors who lived so many years ago on the property he now owns.

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Michael & Mary (Fulcher) Box Family

Michael & Mary Fulcher Box Family

Michael Box was born about 1780 in Laurens, South Carolina. He was the son of James and Mary Box. (Records created by Thomas Box, son of Michael Box, indicated that the parents of Michael Box were James and Mary Box.)  Michael's father, James Box, apparently died.  His mother, Mary Box, may have then married William Hellums.  William and Mary Box Hellums had three children:  John Hellums, Mary Hellums (Johnson) and Anna Hellums (Johnson).  Throughout his life, Michael Box continued a close relationship with his Hellums half-siblings.  Michael Box died on 20 Jan 1841 in Tippah, Mississippi.
Michael married Mary Fulcher daughter of Cason Fulcher about 1797. Mary was born in 1779 in South Carolina. She died in Feb 1841 or 1844.
Michael and Mary Box had known seven children.  Their names in order of birth are as follows: James Francis Box (1798-1860), William M. Box (1801-1838), Thomas Box (1804-1881), Mary Box (1806-1860s), John Box (1810-1850s), Lydia Box (1810-1856), and Grief Johnson Box (1819-1874).  Since there is a big gap between the last two children, it is possible that there were more children that possibly died young.

The following is from a collection of Box researchers:
  • Michael Box, born about 1780, moved from Laurens County SC to Knox County, TN where his sons, James Francis Box, William and Thomas were born. Michael had married Mary Fulcher, daughter of Cason Fulcher, about 1798 in Tennessee. Wade in The Box Book indicates Michael Box was performing marriages in Knox County TN in 1809. By 1810, he was on the tax rolls of Madison County, Mississippi Territory (which became Madison County, Alabama) and his sons, John Box and Grief Johnson Box and his daughters Mary Box and Lydia Box were born in Alabama. During the War of 1812, he was a private in the 16th Regt. of Mississippi Territory militia. He served with his brother-in-law, Grief Johnson, husband of half-sister, Mary Hellums Johnson. They were apparently good friends, because Michael would later name his youngest son, Grief Johnson Box. In the 1815-1817 census of Mississippi Territory he was listed as Michael Box, 1 male over 21; 4 males under 21; 1 female over 21 and 2 females under 21; along with a Benjamin Box.On Feb. 28, 1818, Michael Box, his wife, Mary, and Mary Hellums, were received into membership of Bethel Baptist Church in Tuscaloosa County, AL. In the Census of 1830, Fayette County, AL, Michael Box, age 50 to 60, is listed along with his sons , William and John. The 1830 census for Michael lists the following household members (my guess to who they were in parentheses) : Males: 1 under 5 (?), 1 age 10-15 (Grief J. Box), 1 age 50-60 (Michael Box); Females: 1 age 20-30 (Lydia Box), 1 age 50-60 (Mary Box). On August 2, 1838, Michael, William, and John Box made application for Land Patents on Quarter Sections of land in Tippah County, Mississippi. The Certificate Numbers were 961 for Michael Box and 962 for William Box and both were for land that had been previously assigned to Joseph Warren Mathews. On November 16,1840, Lewis Garret and Thomas Box obtained a Land Patent for Quarter Section that was located in the area that became Benton County, MS. On November 28, 1843, Grief Johnson Box obtained a Land Patent for a Quarter Section. The 1840 Census of Tippah County, MS lists Michael Box, his sons Thomas, Grief J., and John and Elizabeth “Elspeth” Box, Michael’s daughter-in-law and widow of William Box. This Michael Box died intestate in 1841 according to Mississippi Supreme Court records and his wife, Mary, shortly after. The court records also state that Michael's estate started probate in January term 1844 in Tippah County, MS. (Note: Son, Thomas, states his father, Michael died 20 Jan 1844 and his mother, Mary, died in Feb 1844. But since probate started in Jan 1844, the 1841 year of death given in the court records is probably correct.) In 1846, his son, Grief J. Box, as administrator of Michael Box’s estate was sued by, Lydia Box McCollum, as a daughter of Michael Box. The value of Michael Box’s estate at the time of his death was appraised at nearly two thousand dollars with debts totaling less than thirty five dollars.Known children of Michael Box and his wife, Mary Fulcher Box: James Frances Box, William M. Box, Thomas Box, Mary Box Henderson, Lydia Box McCollum, John Box and Grief Johnson Box. Son, Thomas Box, became a member of the LDS Church in Texas in 1856 and provided family information to the church that indicated his father, Michael Box, was the son of James and Mary Box. Thomas also stated he was a grand-nephew of Stephen F. Box and 2nd cousin to Rolan Box (son of John Morris Box). That would make Thomas' grandfather, James Box, a brother to Stephen F. Box and John Morris Box. Upon the apparent death of Michael's father, James Box, his mother, Mary Box, married William Hellums. Mary Box Hellums' children with William Hellums became Michael Box's half siblings: half-brother, John Hellums and half-sisters, Mary Hellums and Anna Hellums. That would accout for Michael Box's close relationship to the Hellums family. Michael's son, Grief Johnson Box, married his half-cousin, Roenna Johnson, daughter of Anna Hellums Johnson.

Children of Michael and Mary (Fulcher) Box:

1. James Frances Box was born about 1798 in Tennessee. He died in Mar 1860 in Kaufman, Texas.
James married (1) Penina Babb  on 15 Jan 1817 in  Madison, Alabama. Penina was born about 1800 in Alabama. She died before May 1826.
James married (2) Elizabeth Matthews daughter of Joseph Cromwell Matthews and Penina Crisp on 15 May 1826 in  Lawrence, Alabama. Elizabeth was born about 1809 in , Madison, Alabama. She died in Aug 1850 in Titus, Texas. She was buried in Titus, Texas. James married (3) Jane Goddard on 10 Dec 1852 in , Navarro, Texas.

2. William M. Box was born about 1801 in Tennessee. He died on 19 Dec 1838.
William married Elizabeth. Elizabeth was born about 1804 in Georgia. What happened to Elizabeth and her children after 1840 is not known at this time.  There are a few Box's of unknown parentage that end up in Texas.  Could they be the children of William Box??  Martin VanBuren Box and Liddie Camella Box are two possible children.  Liddie Camella Box descendants have shared DNA matches with descendants of Grief Johnson Box.

3. Thomas Box was born on 8 Aug 1804 in Timbercrest, Knox, Tennessee. He died on 17 Mar 1881 in Farmington, San Juan, New Mexico.
Thomas married (1) Clarkey Carpenter daughter of Richard E. Carpenter and Nancy Holliday about 1830. Clarkey was born on 15 Dec 1812 in Amherst, Virginia. She died about 1881 in San Juan, New Mexico. She was buried in Fruitland Cemetery, San Juan, Mexico. Thomas married (2) Belinda Marden daughter of John Marden and Rachel Shaw on 10 Jul 1858 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah. Belinda was born on 24 Dec 1820 in Chichester, Merrimack, New Hampshire. She died on 19 Feb 1894 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah. She was buried on 21 Feb 1894 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah. They separated (divorced?) prior to 1870.

4. Mary Box was born about 1806 in Madison, Alabama. She died between 1860 and 1876 in Texas.
Mary married Hugh G. Henderson son of John Henderson and Nancy McLaurin about 1825 in Alabama. Hugh was born about 1796 in North Carolina. He died in 1855 in Titus, Texas.

5. Lydia Box was born about 1808 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. She died 1856 in Henderson County, Texas.  Lydia married George McCollum about 1830. George was born about 1805 in South Carolina. He died 1855 in Henderson County, Texas. Their known children were Martha, Mary, Melissa, George W., and William.  The family moved to Henderson County,Texas about 1850.  Lydia's brother, Thomas Box, was also living in Henderson County, Texas in 1850.
  • From the LDS church records, Thomas Michael Box, (son of Thomas Box) states that
    he is the "Nephew-in-law" to George McCullom and Clarkey Carpenter Box stated that
    she was the "sister-in-law" to Lydia Box and "aunt-in-law" to Martha McCullom.
    With the Mississippi Supreme court records (January Term 1847), we now know that
    Lydia Box married George McCollum.
    A plat map of Fayette county, Alabama shows George McCollum owning
    land in the same township as John Hellums & Mary Hellums. Lydia
    McCollum also owned land. Hugh G. Henderson (Mary Box Henderson) also owned land in
    the same township. So, we know that George & Lydia were married while living in
    Fayette County, Alabama. (Lots of McCollums in Fayette county!) Luke Johnson, who married Anna Hellums, also owns land in Fayette County.
    George & Lydia McCollum and family (ar least 1 son & 3 daughters) can be found in the
    1840 Tippah County, MS census and 1845 Tippah, Mississippi State Census.
    The Supreme Court case was in January, 1847.
  • George McCollum Probate can be found in the Henderson County, Texas Probate records.
6. John Box was born about 1810 in Alabama. He died before 1874.  It is not known if John Box was married or had a family.

7. Grief Johnson Box was born about 1819 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He died on 12 Jan 1874 in Cooke, Texas. No gravesite has been found.
Grief married Roenna Johnson daughter of Luke Johnson and Anna Hellums about 1838 in Tippah, Mississippi. Roenna was born on 15 Oct 1822 in Alabama. She died on 3 Apr 1904 in Rush Springs, Grady, Oklahoma. She was buried in Apr 1904 in Rush Springs Cemetery, Grady, Oklahoma. Roenna and Grief would have been a half cousins to each other.

Please help with the below questions concerning the Michael & Mary Fulcher Box Family:
1. What became of son, William Box's, family after the 1840 census? Did his wife Elizabeth marry again? Did the children stay in Tippah county?
2. Did son, John, marry? Have children? If married, was his wife's name Margaret?

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Miller Homestead, Clark County, Ohio

Frederick Miller Homestead, Clark County, Ohio

In 1818 Frederick and Elizabeth Peery Miller left their home in Botetourt County, Virginia to make a new home in Clark County, Ohio. Frederick bought a quarter section, containing forty acres of cleared land, located in Bethel township, six miles west of Springfield, Ohio. A cabin on that land was their home until 1822 when the above pictured building of hewn logs was erected. It was built two stories, with a central hall and four rooms. By records dated 1823, Peter Minnich and Peter Marquart did the carpenter work. Beaded mantles, partitions, joists and paneled doors, unusual in log houses in primitive settlements, gave beauty of finish to the structure. Its broad faced poplar logs with the white stripes of lime mortar between made an impressive view.

Frederick Miller 1760-1822 died during the erection of this house. As a widow then Elizabeth was to have a separate room in the new house. She chose as her own the east room on the first floor with its huge fireplace.
In later years other occupants of this house would build around the original structure making it a part of their home. It was still being used in 1912.
Miller land as it looks now.

Frederick & Mary Elizabeth (Peery) Miller

The following was taken from the book: "The Genealogy of the Descendants of Frederick and Mary Elizabeth Peery Miller" by John Peery Miller (Yellow Springs, Ohio: Antioch College, 1913). The Genealogy of the Descendants of Frederick and Mary Elizabeth Peery Miller was compiled by their grandson John Peery Miller, Professor of History, Antioch College, Yellow Springs, Ohio in 1913.
Descendants of Frederick and Mary Elizabeth Peery Miller
The Frederick and Elizabeth Peery Miller Family

Frederick Miller (1760-1822) and his wife, Mary Elizabeth Peery (1769-1844), were both raised in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. After their marriage, they migrated to the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia. Their seven children were born in Botetourt County, Virginia, 1789-1811. The family migrated to Clark County, Ohio in 1818. Frederick bought a quarter section, containing forty acres of cleared land, located in Bethel township, six miles west of Springfield.
Frederick Miller died during the construction of their house in Clarke County in 1822. Frederick and Mary Elizabeth Miller are buried in the Bethel Cemetery, Bethel Township, Clark County, Ohio.

Frederick and Elizabeth were the parents of  SEVEN (7) children:  (1) Mary 1789-1850, md Anthony Leffel;  (2) Henry 1791-1866, md (i)Charity Vantassel, (ii)Sarah Beaty;  (3) Elizabeth 1796-1874, md James P Leffel;  (4) John 1798-1863, md Joanna Smith;  (5) Daniel 1802-1878, md Elizabeth Neff ; (6) David 1805-1867, md Sarah Smith; and (7) Delilah 1811-1863, md William Gordon.

Our line descends through their daughter Mary, who married Anthony Leffel.  Click on the pages to enlarge.

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The whole story may be read below:

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