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Our 'First Families' in America

'First Families' are considered those who have high social status or those of descent from the first settlers of a place.  I have joined several 'First Families' groups/organizations representing states, regions, or counties within the United States.  For the purposes of this blog post, our 'First Families' will be those ancestors who were our family's first immigrants to America.

I have written about a few of our immigrant families, but to tell the truth I don't know a large majority of them.  Most of our ancestors are still stuck in South Carolina or Virginia in the early 1700's, Northwest Territory in the late 1700's, or east Tennessee in the early 1800's.😞  This list of 'First Families' will hopefully grow as more of our immigrant ancestors are found.

Coming to America
Harbor at Charles-Town, South Carolina, ca 1770  (
The 'First Families' will be separated into my four grandparent lines.  Both husband and wife will be listed, even if they immigrated together as a family.  If a direct line ancestor came over as a child, that ancestor will be listed along with his/her parents.  The list will give name, country of origin, date of immigration (or about date of immigration), and first place of residence in America.
If an ancestor's story has been written in the blog, their name will be the link.

'First Families' of the Martin-Weiss family lines:
Johann Mathias Martin: Germany, 1847, Wisconsin
Catherina Kastner: Germany, 1849, Wisconsin
John Stephan Martin: Germany, Came as child with mother, 1849, Wisconsin
Philip Jacob Weiss: Germany, 1848, died shortly after arriving
Maria Barbara Maendle: Germany, 1848, Illinois
Johann Michael Weiss: Germany, 1852, Illinois
Anna Maria Heim: Germany 1852, Illinois

'First Families' of the Wilson-Hatfield family lines:  
James Cole: England, 1633, Massachusetts
Mary Tibbs: England, 1633, Massachusetts
Captain John Luther: England, abt 1634, Massachusetts
Elizabeth Turner: England, abt 1632, Massachusetts
Henry Lake: England, abt 1635, Massachusetts
Alice Lake: England, abt 1635, Massachusetts
Thomas Cornell: England, 1631, Massachusetts
Rebecca Briggs: England, 1631, Massachusetts
Richard Foxwell: England, 1631, Massachusetts
Edward Gray: England, 1643, Massachusetts
Dorothy Lettice: England, 1935, Massachusetts
Robert Abell: England, 1631, Massachusetts
Thomas Butts: England, 1660, Massachusetts
Anthony Chamness: England, 1724, Maryland
John Coddington: England, 1635, Massachusetts
Philip Hoggatt: England, abt 1700?, North Carolina
Henry Reynolds: England, abt 1670, New Jersey
Thomas Goble: England, abt 1630, Massachusetts
Alice Mousall: England, abt 1630, Massachusetts
Stephen Cawood: England, 1670, Maryland

'First Families' of the Baldwin-Stewart family lines:
James Lindley: Ireland, 1713, Pennsylvania
Eleanore Parke:  Ireland, 1713, Pennsylvania
Thomas Lindley: Ireland, Came as a child with parents 1713, Pennsylvania
Ruth Hadley: Ireland, Came as a child with parents 1715, Delaware/Pennsylvania
Simon Hadley: Ireland, 1715, Delaware/Pennsylvania
Ruth Keran Miller: Ireland, 1715, Delaware/Pennsylvania
Robert Parke: Ireland, 1713, Pennsylvania
Nicholas Pyle: England, 1683, Pennsylvania
Abigail Bushell: England, abt 1683, Pennsylvania
John Whitley: England, 1650, Virginia

'First Families' of the Leffel-Box family lines:
Balzar Leffel: Germany, 1750, Pennsylvania
Reinhold Abendschon: Germany, 1749, Pennsylvania

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