Sunday, August 23, 2009

McNeil Cemetery, Parke County, Indiana

McNeil Cemetery is in a small grove of trees in the middle of a field (private property) in Raccoon township in Parke County, Indiana. Several years ago, we were able to travel to Parke County. The present owner of the land that our John C. McNeil owned, was kind enough to walk us out to the cemetery and help us find the headstones. All of the headstones had fallen over and were covered with overgrowth and leaves. We had to poke around through the leaves & brush until we felt the hard headstones. Then we wiped and cleaned everything off of the top of the headstones and then took pictures.

This first headstone is our ancestor, John C. McNeil (1784-1852). John was the owner of the land the cemetery is located on.
These next two headstones are of John McNeil's brother, Thomas Hargis McNeil (1795-1850), and his wife, Malinda McNeil (1806-1859).
This last picture is of the present owner of the land and yours truly. We are in front of his barn and workshop. He was writing down his name and address for me. After I got back home, I sent him histories of our McNeil ancestors who lived so many years ago on the property he now owns.

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