Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bethel Baptist Cemetery in Clark County, Ohio

While in Clark County, Ohio, we were able to visit the Bethel Baptist Cemetery in Bethel township.
The Cemetery is located next to the Bethel Baptist Church.
We walked around the cemetery trying to find the graves of our Leffel and Miller ancestors who were buried there.
In the photo below, we are trying to read the headstones. Some of the headstones were tipped over, some broken and most were covered with moss.

History of Bethel Cemetery as found in "THE HISTORY of CLARK COUNTY, OHIO," Chicago, W. H. BEERS & CO. 1881, SPRINGFIELD, CLARK COUNTY, OHIO, BETHEL TOWNSHIP, page 717
The cemetery adjoining Bethel Church was set apart for private burial purposes in 1821. The first body laid there was that of Frederick Miller, in 1822. Since that time, it has been the burial-place of most of the inhabitants dying in the vicinity. In 1837, the ground was deeded to Trustees, to be kept forever as a place of sepulture. These grounds have been kept, and are now, in the best of order, except the south side, which has been seriously injured by grading down the pike, even to the extent of exposing some of the graves.

List of our direct ancestors buried in the Bethel Baptist Cemetery:
Anna M. Abendschon Leffel
Many of our ancestors' sibings and children are also buried in the cemetery.

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