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The Will of Michael West

Michael West was born on 30 May 1793 in Maryland or Kentucky. He married Susannah McKee on 16 Oct 1812 in Adams County, Ohio. Most of their children were born in Mason County, Kentucky. The family moved to Champaign County, Ohio about 1826. Then in 1838, the Michael West family moved to Vermilion County, Illinois. Michael's wife, Susannah, died before 1848, when the family moved again. Michael arrived in Texas (Peter's Colony) prior to July 1848 as a widower with two daughters (Elizabeth and Louisa) and one son (Michael). He obtained 640 acres in Grayson County, Texas. Michael's will was written on the 29 day of January 1858 and he died on 28 Jun 1858.

Michael West's will lists the following descendants:
Granddaughter, Susan R. Hanning, daughter of John & Rebeca J. Hanning
Heirs of daughter, Mary Ann West (deceased), wife of John W. West
John W. West
Susan E. Leffel, wife of David M. Leffel
Joseph J. West
James H. West
Elizabeth Boyles, wife of William Boyles
Rebeca Jane Haning, wife of John Haning
Louisa Thomas, wife of Jesse Thomas
"A child bearing the name Sarah Jane West, daughter of my son (deceased) Michael P. West's wife ...not the offspring of my said son Michael ... not my grandchild."

Michael West's will can be found in the Grayson County, Texas Probate Minutes, Vol. E, page 9, August Term, 1858.
Michael West Will
Below is the transcribed copy of the will:

Grayson County, Texas
Probate Minutes
Vol. E, page 9
August Term 1858
Last Will and Testament of Michael West

I Michael West being in my proper mind do make and establish this my last Will and Testament. First I give and bequeth to my Grand Daughter Susan R Hanning, Daughter of John Rebeca J. Hanning my young horse Job Fisher a Dark bay. Second, I bequeth the entire remainder and ballance of my Estate between the following persons to wit. The heirs (residing in Ohio) of Mary Ann West my daughter, the said Mary Ann being the wife of John W West The heirs are residing in the State of Ohio, John W West, Susan E Leffel wife of David M Leffel, Joseph J West, James H West, Elizabeth Boyles wife of William Boyles, Rebeca Jane Hanning wife of John Hanning, and Louisa Thomas wife of Jesse Thomas. The above named devisus being my children and grand children & heirs. The Grand children ment are the children of my said Daughter Mary Ann West deceased. I hereby appoint my son John W. West my Executor to carry out this my last will and testament and it is my desire and request that the Probate County nor any other Court whatever shall have any thing to do with my Estate except to record this my Will and to inventory my property and my said Executor is to have the entire control of the same and to superentend the division of said property according to the bequest above mentioned. It is my wish and desire that a child bearing the name Sarah Jane West Daughter of my son Michael P Wests wife shall have no part of my Estate whatever because I am satisfied and have sufficient evidence to satisfy me that said child is not the offspring of my said son Michael and that the same is not my grandchild and that that my son Michael is not its father. Given under my hand and scroll for Seal this 29th day of January AD 1858.
Michael "X" West
The indulianation and names on this page was made and done before signing
Attest H G Hendricks
James d Frazor

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