Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Picnic

The only Easter pictures I could find were from an Easter Picnic in the Arizona desert in about 1934. Jess & Mabel Baldwin and their family had just moved to Arizona from Oklahoma. It was during the depression and Grandpa Jess Baldwin had moved to Arizona to work for his Uncle Charlie (Charles Vester Stewart). The picnic included the following known families: Jess Baldwin family, Charles Stewart family, Kirby Leffel family.

According to the info on the back of the pictures, the Easter Picnic took place off of Elliot Road in Mesa Arizona. It would be interesting to see a present day picture the same hill or rock formation.
I love this first picture with everyone trying to pile on top of the rock

Guys in above picture:
Front row: ? boy, Weldon Baldwin, Claude Kane, ?, Joe Bailey, Kirby Leffel, ?boy in pilot hat, Charlie Stewart, ?Jim Mitchell, Clyde Baldwin
Middle row: Charlie Baldwin, Jess Baldwin (hat & vest)
Top row: Joe Burton, Leland Stewart, Leon Stewart, Joe Finley


Rod Burton said...

Glad to see you are getting good use from the photos I sent. The little boy to the left of Weldon in the first photo is my uncle Elwyn Burton. The rock hill that they are on is no longer there it is now a subdivision. Time sure changes things. Drop me a note I would love to hear from ya. Rod

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Debbi Stewart said...

Henry Riley Stewart is my husbands great great grandfather. His great grandfather is Charles Vester Stewart. His grandfather is Charles Leon Stewart. His father is Rocky Lee Stewart. My husband is Randy Lee Stewart. We have a son, Cody Levi Stewart.

I am having a great adventure researching the Stewart family. Although I am having a difficult time finding much on Charles Vester Stewart.

Debbi Stewart