Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy 1st Blogoversary

clmroots has just celebrated it's first Blogoversary!
Here are a few milestones and Top Three picks:
We have posted 82 blog posts during our first year. There have been 1,503 visits to our blog. Of those, 813 visits were through search via 683 keywords. More visits came from Texas than any other state, but considering that most of our ancestors came from Texas, that was to be expected. Most of the visits came from the United States but we received visits from all over the world, including places like Sri Lanka, China, Turkey, Belgium, Denmark.
The first set of Top Three picks come from Google Analytics info:
Top three most visited blog posts: 1. Jonathan Lindley - Alamo, 2. Wilson Family Birth Record, 3. Thomas Box - Early Mormon Convert from Texas.
Top three most used "key words" to find our blog: 1. David Miller Leffel, 2. Samuel Washington Lindley, 3. Emma Josephine Box.
Top three states to visit our blog: 1. Texas (212), 2. California (72), 3. New York (39)

Top three countries to visit our blog (outside of US & Canada): 1. United Kingdom (19), 2. Spain (4), 3. Australia (3)

The next set of Top Three are personal picks:
Top three most interesting persons to research: 1.(tie) Thomas Box & Josephine Box Cunningham, 2. David Miller Leffel, 3. Bettie Medlin Stewart

Top three most tragic stories: 1. Mother & Daughter Die Same Day, 2. Box Family Massacre, 3. Kozette Perkette Stewart.

Top three most inspiring stories: 1. Uncle Gus Wilson, 2. Eleanor Wilson, 3. Col. Joseph Leffel

Top three favorite photos: 1. Fixin' dinner the Minnie Pearl style, 2. Jess on a horse, 3. Maymie's slide show.

Feel free to vote for your favorite post or person in comments.

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