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Hatfield Photos - Who is who?

Help identify these Hatfield photos!
I am trying to figure out which photo is of John M. Hatfield, Jr.  If the one posted by Walter Hatfield on (2nd photo shown below) is John Martin Hatfield, Jr., then who is the man in the 1st photo that states it is of Martin M. Hatfield's father (John Martin Hatfield, Jr)?

So, I am confused about which photo is our 3rd great-grandfather, John Martin Hatfield.

The first photo, which was a copy not an original, was given to me years ago by Wilber and has written beneath the photo: "Martin M. Hatfield's father - no date."  I think that came from the inscription on the back of the original photo.

This second photo of John Martin Hatfield, taken 1885-1895, was posted by Walter Hatfield on  His source is the Gary Hatfield family photos.

I don't think that the above two men look like the same person?  Their hair is parted on opposite sides of the head and the ears of the man in the bottom photo seem more prominent.  What do you think?  And the photo on the bottom seems to be taken at a later date.

The top photo had a notation on the back but it appears to have been written by some descendant who may have been making a guess.  And sometimes the name on the back is who the photo is for NOT who the photo is of.

Photos belonging to Martin M Hatfield

I have another set of photos (below) that are a little bit of a mystery to me.  I have the originals -- they have been in our family for well over 100 years now.  The photos were well used and in poor condition.  Each of the photos is on a heavy card stock about 2-1/2 by 4 inches.  Each has a small round hole in the top corner.  It's as if the photos at one time were tied together by a ribbon or cord of some sort.
The man in the photo looks like the man in the photo just above.

Both of the below photos were written on the back: "Mr. M. M. Hatfield, Quinlan, Okla."  The man's photo also has the notation: "2 on same cord, 20x16 *** $3.96, cloths black *ody waist shirt."
The back of the photo for the woman looks as if it had something glued to it at one time that was mostly ripped off.  Her photo has a photographers stamp from Winfield, Kansas but the name of the photographer is covered up.
It's as if a photographer was making additional copies of photos for Mr. M. M. Hatfield of Quinlan, Oklahoma.
Photos belonging to M. M. Hatfield of Quinlan, OK
Photos most likely of  his parents:
 John Martin Hatfield and Martha Jay Hatfield.

So, would/could the man in the photo above be Martin Monroe Hatfield's father, John Martin Hatfield, Jr? And then, would the woman be our 3rd great-grandmother, Martha Jay Hatfield?
Or, could the photos be of his grandparents:  John Martin Hatfield, Sr. and Phoebe Coddington Hatfield?

I have other photos of the Martin Monroe Hatfield family on this blog that you can look at and compare.  Martin M. Hatfield did not move to Quinlan, OK until about 1899.  The clothing the couple is wearing is more typical of the 1850's-1860's not 1899.
Was Mr. M. M. Hatfield ordering copies of photos of his parents or possibly grandparents to have them sent to him in Quinlin, OK?  My feeling is that these are photos of John Martin Hatfield and his wife, Martha Jay Hatfield.

Darker image of above photo

Backs of above photos

Help solve this mystery!
There must be copies of these photos in other descendants homes, perhaps with identification on them.  If you know of anyone with Hatfield family photos, please have them check to see if they have copies of any of the photos on this page.  And, if any of you have photos of John Martin Hatfield, Jr or John Martin Hatfield, Sr or Martin Monroe Hatfield, PLEASE COMPARE AND SHARE!!

Anyone with facial recognition software could compare the photos:)  Then share the results!

Please DO NOT post the bottom photos elsewhere until they have been properly identified.

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