Friday, April 15, 2016

Elmer Martin at Anvil Rock Lookout on Mount Rainier

In 1919, Elmer Martin climbed Mount Rainier, the highest mountain in Washington and the Cascade Range.
Mount Rainier (Wikipedia)
While climbing Mount Rainier in 1919, Elmer had his photo taken at the Anvil Rock Lookout.   Anvil Rock is a rocky outcropping located on the south side of Mount Rainier about a half a mile southeast of Camp Muir.  The Anvil Rock Lookout was a stone lookout shelter constructed in about 1916.  The stone lookout was replaced with a cupola style cabin in about 1928 which was abandoned and destroyed in the 1940's.

Elmer Martin, Anvil Rock Lookout, Mt Rainier 1919
It is not known who Elmer made the climb with but it looks as if several people are standing inside looking out the windows of the Anvil Rock Lookout.  On the back of the photo, Elmer said he was at an elevation 11,000 feet, but according to information online, the Anvil Rock Lookout's elevation is 9584'.  Perhaps Elmer meant that at sometime during his climb on Mount Rainier, he reached an elevtion of 11,000'.  Below is a US Park Service photo of  Anvil Rock Lookout.

Anvil Rock Lookout 1916-1928

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