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Weiss Family 1600-1983

While in college (1970), I took a beginning genealogy class taught by Instructor J. Grant Stevenson.  Prior to that time I basically knew almost nothing about my family's history.  Stevenson encouraged us to write to family members to gather information.  My paternal grandfather (Elmer Martin) had died a year earlier.  Since I had never met any family members from the Martin side of my family, I though I would start the Martin family.  I corresponded with Elmer's brother, Wilber Martin, who lived in Milan, Rock Island, Illinois.  He put me in touch with several other family members and eventually I came in contact with Alta Waugh.
Alta Sherrard
Alta Sherrard Waugh (1904-2004) was the daughter of Frank Wesley Sherrard and Emma Weiss.  Her mother, Emma Weiss, was a half-sister to my great-grandmother, Elizabeth Weiss Martin.  At the time I was corresponding with Alta, she was in the process of gathering material to write a book on the Weiss family.  She recognized the "budding genealogist" in me and encouraged my genealogical endeavors sending me information and photos on the Weiss family.

Alta obtained the help of German genealogist, Frederick von Frank, to gather records from Germany for the Weiss and Maendle families.  She also contacted descendants of the Weiss family from across the United States for much of her material.  

Fortunately, I was able to obtain a copy of Alta Waugh's book , Weiss Family, 1600-1983.  Below is copy of the title page. The book has been digitized and can be viewed by all.  It is found on in the Family History Books.

Alta dedicated the book to her mother, Emma Weiss Sherrard.

To view the digitized book on, click here.

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