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Charles B. Wilson Family History

The following memories and short history of the Charles B. Wilson family was written by Inez Wilson in September 2001. Inez was a daughter-in-law to Charles and Pearl Wilson, the wife of their son, Buck Wilson.

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Charles B. Wilson Family History by Inez Wilson, age 86.  Written 2 Sep 2001
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Charles B or V Wilson was born in Denton County, Texas to William Ervin Wilson and his wife, don’t recall her name.  I had a picture of William once.  He was dressed in a nice suit, new boots and Stetson hat.  He had a pipe in one hand and a match in the other.  He was a very handsome man, his eyes were blue like Dad Wilson’s.
I know that Dad Wilson brought a herd of horses to Zuni, McKinley, New Mexico from Oklahoma.  Jennifer (granddaughter to Inez) and I went up there once and looked around.  One old man told us that he’d heard about the horses, that they were sold to farmers and ranchers there.  Mother Wilson drove the wagon from Oklahoma to New Mexico with Vern and Maymie, they were small then.  Not sure how long they were there, but they went back to Oklahoma, as I think Alma was born there and John in Arkansas.  I’m not sure when they came to Utah but I think they lived out in Dry Valley, north of Monticello before they homesteaded on Bug Point.
Vern left from there (Bug Point) with his saddle horse and two pack horses.  He rode to Oklahoma, don’t know why but he 
Page 2 
sold the horses and joined the Navy.  I suspect that he and his Dad clashed, I heard that was the reason.
I can’t recall if Pat was born in Monticello, while in Dry Valley or in Dove Creek.  After Mother & Dad Wilson homesteaded on Bug Point and were still living in Dove Creek, they had a little girl, Juanita, and later a boy, Lloyd.  Juanita became ill while they were in Dove Creek, she died there.  They always thought the old Doctor gave her the wrong medication.  Lloyd was born with “water on the brain,” probably another name for it now and a cure.  The Doctor was an old country doctor, so they lost their 2 youngest.  Though Pat may have been younger, not sure.  Mother Wilson told me that Buck would rock Lloyd for her while she did her work. 
Pat was two years younger than Buck.  Pat was 15 years old when we married and Buck & I were 17 years old.  Buck was with his Dad when he was dying.  Dad Wilson told Buck he was sorry for being so ornery with him.  I’ll always believe Buck looked like “Bill Wilson” the outlaw brother that Dad was scared of.  Dad Wilson loved to tease, which didn’t go so good sometimes (Buck did, too).  I really cared about them all, especially Mother.  She was so gentle, unless crossed.  It was a hard life back then.

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