Wednesday, November 11, 2009

North and South

Since today is Veterans Day, I though I would try to list our Civil War Veterans.  We have family members who fought for the Union and family members who fought for the Confederate Army. 

In addition to direct ancestors, I will also list siblings of direct ancestors and spouses of siblings. 
I have added the family line the Civil War veteran can be found on if looking at my family tree.  They are listed for each of my great-grandparents lines: Martin, Weiss, Wilson, Hatfield, Baldwin, Stewart, Leffel, Box..  My trees at may have the pension records added for the veteran.

(Name, (family line), State served from, pension Yes/No, Federal pension if Union or state pension if Confederate.)

Union Army
Leonard D. Hatfield, (Hatfield) Iowa, Y, Federal pension
Daniel S. Coddington, (Hatfield), Missouri, Y, Federal pension  (5 sons also fought in Civil War)
Andrew McNeil, (Hatfield), Indiana, Y-widows pension, Died during war
Levi Taylor Ball, (Hatfield), Indiana, Y, Federal Pension
Nathaniel McNeil, (Hatfield) Indiana, Y, Federal pension
Russell Westcott, (Hatfield), Wisconsin, Y, Federal Pension
Henry Westcott, (Hatfield), Wisconsin, Y, Federal Pension
Joel Leffel, (Leffel), Ohio, y-widows pension, Died during war his widow filed for pension.
Anthony Jones, (Leffel), Ohio
Ollie Gordon, (Leffel), Ohio, Y, Killed 14 May 1864 Battle at Resaca, GA
Henry Gordon, (Leffel), Ohio
Harrison Gordon, (Leffel), Ohio
Ezra Gordon, (Leffel), Ohio
Willis Miller, (Leffel), Ohio, Killed in battle at Beverly, WV
Harrison Miller, (Leffel), Ohio
Samuel Miller, (Leffel), Ohio
J. Peery Miller, (Leffel), Ohio
Milton J. Miller, (Leffel), Ohio, Chaplin
James Leffel, (Leffel), Ohio
Henry R. Stewart, (Stewart),Tennessee, Y, Federal pension
Jacob M. Stewart, (Stewart),Tennessee, Y, Federal pension
Gottlieb Weiss, (Weiss), Illinois

Let us not forget our grandpa, David Miller Leffel, who was hanged during the Civil War in the Great Hanging at Gainesville, Texas 1862.  His crime -- having Union sympathies in Confederate Texas and not wanting to fight for the Confederates. So, although he did not die while in service, he died as a result of the war.

Confederate Army
Alan Baldwin, (Baldwin), Texas, N, ?died during war?
Benjamin F. Baldwin, (Baldwin), Texas, No pension found
Francis Marion Baldwin, (Baldwin),  Texas, No pension found
William Riley Medlin, (Baldwin), Tennessee, Y, Tennessee pension
Samuel L. Sadler, (Baldwin), Y, Texas pension
Elijah Lindley, (Baldwin), Texas
John Haning, (Leffel), Texas
Jesse F Thomas, (Leffel), Texas
Stephen Wesley Box, (Leffel), Texas
William B. Wilson, (Wilson), Texas, Y, Oklahoma pension
Fields Hoff, Texas, (Wilson), Texas, Y, Texas pension
Richard Huff, (Wilson), Texas, Y, Texas pension
Cosley Huff, (Wilson), Texas

National Parks Service website, (Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System):

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