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Rev. Jacob M. Stewart

Reverend Jacob Mattison Stewart of Putnam County, Tennessee

Rev. Jacob M. Stewart was a younger brother to our ancestor, Henry Riley Stewart. Like his brother Henry, Jacob joined the Union Army in the Civil War. He served in Company I 157 Tennessee Mounted Infantry. In addition to being a Baptist Minister, later in his life Jacob was also the postmaster for the Boma, Tennesee Post Office.

Reverend Jacob Mattison Stewart
Postmaster of Boma, Tennessee Post Office

Below is a short biography written about Rev. Jacob M. Stewart in 1902.
History of Middle Tennessee Baptists: With Special Reference to Salem, New Salem, Enon and Wiseman Associations; By John Harvey Grime; Published by Baptist and Reflector, 1902; Original from the University of Michigan; Digitized (Google Books) Oct 10, 2006; 565 pages.
Page 510, 511

ELDER J. M. .STEWART, Boma, Putnam County, Tennessee.He is of Dutch-Irish descent. He is tall, medium size, with dark complexion. He is the son of Harrison and Sarah (Brown) Stewart. He was born five miles west of Cookeville, Putnam County, Tennessee, November 11, 1847. He was brought up on the farm. He made profession at his home in Putnam County, Tennessee, April 12, 1865, and was baptized into the fellowship of Mine Lick Baptist Church, April 5, 1866, by Elder Jesse Brown. He was ordained by the order of Mine Lick Church, August 7, 1870, by Elders Jesse Brown and Elijah Hickey, and was at the same time called to the care of said church.
He has served as pastor the following churches: Mine Lick, 1870-74; Mud Spring,
1870-71 ; Bear Creek, Overton County, 1871-72; Caney Fork, DeKalb County, 1871-73; Wolf Creek, 1872-74; again 1876-81 ; Indian Creek, Putnam County, 1872- 77; Beech Grove, 1876-82, again 1897-98; Hopewell, 1874-83; Mt. Zion, 1880-91, again 1894-1900; Dry Creek, 1884-90 (two years of this time was before the church was organized) ; Hickman's Creek, 1883- 85; Salem, 1883-87; New Hope, 1883-85; Bethel, 1887-89; Lancaster, 1888-90; Indian Creek, DeKalb County, 1888-90, again 1896-98. In 1891 he moved to Texas, remaining two years ; while there, he organized two churches and was pastor of six churches in that State. He returned in October, 1893 ; Dowell- town, 1894-97; Wharton's Spring, 1896-98; Boma, 1898-1902; Wolf Creek, 1901-02.
He was educated in common schools and at home. He has done a considerable amount of missionary work. He has worked up and organized six churches, and assisted in four others, making ten in all. He has baptized several hundred converts and married between one and two hundred couples.
He was married to Miss Mary E. Lee, September 10, 1868, by whom he has four children, one son and three daughters.
Rev. JM Stewart & wife, Mary Lee Stewart Rev. JM Stewart & daughter

Elder J. M. Stewart died on 25 Jan 1920 at Boma, Putnam County, Tennessee.  He was 72 years, 2 months, and 14 days old when he died.  His death certificate states that he was a Minister of the Gospel and his occupation was preaching.  Elder Stewart was buried in Boma on Jan 26th 1920 in the New Home Baptist Church Cemetery next to the New Home Baptist Church.

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Great site... I think you would like to know about a new book just out called Heritage of Putnam County Tennessee - 2008 by the Heritage book committee. On page 8 is a story about Boma, TN and (2) pictures of Jacob M. Stewart. One of the photos is the one you have posted with him standing in front of the post office in Boma.

If interested see my website at and my e-mail is there.

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