Thursday, December 3, 2009


I love-love-love and mainly for one reason - the Texas Death Records. Last year before the Texas Death records were added to Record Search, I spent $20 a piece for several death records from Texas. Since the database has gone online, I have probably copied close to 200 death records for ancestral relatives for free! Do the math. Information found in the death records has given mother's maiden names, broken down difficult brick-walls, helped to locate places of burial, etc, etc, and etc. :)

In addition to the Texas Deaths 1890-1976, has US Census Records, State Census records, Death Records for Ohio, Arizona, Michigan and other states, marriage records, Court Records, Probate Records, and the list just goes on and on.  International records are also available. All for FREE!!
Check back frequently for new collections that have been updated or added. makes me want to do the genealogy happy dance! :)  Can you tell I'm excited or what about this site?

You can perform a search from the main Search page or go to a record collection.  The SEARCH page is found by simply clicking on the SEARCH icon found on the home page.  To search a specific record collection, scroll towards the bottom of the main SEARCH page to Browse by Location choose a location, then scoll through the record collections available for that location.  I usually first do a search on the main page, then will go to specific record collections for more specific searches.  All for FREE!!
Have fun finding your ancestors!

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