Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lutheran Register Records of Arzberg, Germany

Catherine Castner (Maria Catherina Castner) married Mathias Martin on Christmas Day 1849 in Jefferson County, Wisconsin (marriage date according to information Mathias gave to a county history). Mathias Martin had emigrated to the United States in October of 1847. According to the Arzberg Parish register, Catherina emigrated on 22 Mar 1848 to America (New York Passenger Lists show arrival as 21 Jun 1848.) She may have been waiting for their son to get a little older before making the voyage. Their, John Stephan (our direct ancestor), was born on 28 Nov 1847 in Germany. If you are thinking the dates don't add up, you are right. Our little John Stephan was born several years before his parents were married.

Below are copies of the parish registers of of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Arzberg, Wunsiedel, Oberfranken, Bayern, Germany. The Castner family lived in the small village of Rothenbach but attended church in Arzberg -- a mile or so away.

This first record is the Baptismal or christening record of our grandmother, Maria Catherina Castner. On top is the translation and on the bottom is the actual parish register. The parish priest made a notation in the first column on the left concerning Catherine's immigration on 22 Mar 1848.

This next record is the marriage record of Catherine Castner's parents: Johann Georg Castner and Susanna Dorothea Fickenscher.

Below is the baptismal record of Catherine's father, Johann George Castner. This record also shows the death date of 19 Feb 1847.

This last record is the parish register for Catherine's mother, Susanna Dorothea Fickenscher. You may notice that it is not transcribed. Feel free to transcribe it, but please send me the translation. Thanks.

Note: Castner is sometimes spelled with a "K" -- Kastner. Some of the parish records for the Castner family used the spelling "Kastner" instead of Castner.


Cheril Raub said...

I have great grandparents that are also for the Arzberg Parish. May i have the address so i can write for their records?
Cheril Raub

clm said...

I suggest that you "google" the address. It has been about 25 years since I contacted the parish. I did not have a full address -- just sent the letter to the Lutheran Parish in Arzberg.