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Henry R Stewart Civil War Pension

I have written several posts about my 2nd great-grandfather, Henry Riley Stewart.
Henry Stewart - Civil War Veteran
Old Stone House
Our Family Blacksmiths
Stewarts of Putnam County, Tennessee
Henry R Stewart Civil War Pension II

Henry was born 10 Dec 1843, the third child of Harrison and Sarah (Brown) Stewart. In his pension application, Henry states that he was born in Double Springs, Jackson County, Tennessee.  On 31 December 1863 at Carthage, Tennessee, Henry enlisted in the Union Army as a private in D Company 1st Tennessee Volunteers, Mounted Infantry. His pension is File # 1244,834.  At the end of the war, Henry was discharged honorably from the army on 25 April 1865 at Nashville, Tennessee.  Below are a few pages from his pension file.

Henry R Stewart Pension 1

Henry R Stewart Pension 2

Henry R Stewart Pension 3

Henry R Stewart Pension 4

Henry R Stewart Pension 5
Below is the official death record found in the pension file for Henry Stewart. It is from the Army and Navy General Hospital, Hot Springs, Arkansas.  I
Henry R Stewart Pension 6 - Death Record 

Army and Navy General Hospital, Hot Springs, Ark., Jan. 25, 1914 To the Commissioner of Pensions, Dept of the Interior, Washington, D.C. The records of this hospital show that Henry R. Stewart late Private Co. D, 1st Tennessee Volunteer Infantry, died at this hospital at 11:30 am September 19, 1912. Diagnosis: "Prostatic hypertrophy with chronic cystitis". Immediate cause of death: "Hypertrophied prostate, retention of urine, pyonephrosis, left, and secondary pneumonia." F.A. Winter Lieut. Colonel Medical Corps, Commanding

The Army-Navy General Hospital at Hot Springs, Arkansas was the first combined general hospital for both U.S. Army and Navy patients in the nation. In the early 1800s, people believed that bathing in mineral waters had therapeutic value, which brought many people to the town of Hot Springs (Garland County). The groundwork for the hospital was proposed in 1882. $100,000 was approved for the building of a thirty-bed, joint military hospital, the first such effort in U.S. history. President Chester A. Arthur signed the bill in 1882. The Army-Navy Hospital opened to patients in January 1887 under the direct jurisdiction of the secretary of war. The 1880s version of the Army-Navy Hospital was made of red brick, slate, and wood. the hospital (as a federal facility) was one of the top five employers in Garland County.

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