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Henry R Stewart Civil War Pension II

For part 1, see previous post: Henry R Stewart Civil War Pension 

Henry's health declined to the point that in 1912, Henry left Oklahoma and traveled to the Army Hospital in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  He died in the Army Hospital on 19 September 1912. Henry R. Stewart is buried in the Little Rock National Cemetery in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Henry's widow, Bettie Medlin Stewart, applied for a Widow's pension.  The papers Bettie had to provide in order to receive her pension are rich in clues and/or information about her early life.  Bettie had told her grandchildren and great-grandchildren that she was an orphan and did not know anything about her family.  But, she provided the pension board just enough information that her family was found.  Blog posts about Bettie can be found here and here.

Widow's Pension 
Widow's Pension 

Widow's Pension 

Widow's pension 

Widow's Pension 
Widow's Pension 
Below is an affidavit by Bettie's brother-in-law,  J M Stewart.
Widow's Pension - JM Stewart Letter1
Widow's Pension - JM Stewart Letter2

Bettie stated that in 1870 she was living with "William Brown his wife Emma Brown and their children names were Clerry Jane Brown, Permela Brown and Smith Brown in Putnam Co., Tenn."  William A. Brown wrote a letter that is included in the pension file.
Widow's Pension - WA Brown Letter1

Widow's Pension - WA Brown Letter2

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