Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Charles and Caldona Leffel Photo

Charles and Caldona Leffel

The above photograph of Charles E Leffel and wife, Caldona Jane Box Leffel, was given to me years ago by an aunt.  It was in an oval frame (18 X 24) with a oval convex glass.  The frame and photo were both in very poor condition when I received them.  The top of the photo was torn and scraped and the frame was split and chipped.  Surprisingly, the convex glass was not broken.  A professional has made a copy and is going to restore the copy, which I will post when it is finished.  I thought I would post the "before restoration" photo for those who might prefer seeing the original.

The date of the photograph is not known.  There is no photographers stamp attached to the photo or the frame.  My guess is that the photo was taken around 1900.  Any additional information on the photo would be appreciated.

To see the restoration of above photo, click here.

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