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Before and After -- Hatfield's OK Homestead

Before and after photos of the Martin Monroe Hatfield Family Homestead in Woods County, Oklahoma.  Maymie said that the homestead was near Estelle, Oklahoma.  You can see from the township map below that the Hatfield Homestead is east of the Estelle Post Office.

The before photo was taken about 1904.  The Martin and Nancy Hatfield family was living in a log cabin on their homestead.
This log cabin is important to our family for two reasons:
(1) Martin's daughter, our great-grandma Minnie Pearl was married to Charles B. Wilson in this log home in 1902; and
(2) Minnie's daughter, our grandma Maymie Pearl Wilson, said she was born "in a big log house on my Grandpa Hatfield's old homestead."  Maymie was born on July 14th, 1905.

Left to right: Clinton on horse, Alfred on horse, Blanche in her cute white dress, Nancy, Martin, and Lillie on the far right just above the tear in the photo.

Hatfield Oklahoma Homestead, circa 1904

The after photo was taken 5 years later.  Martin had built his family a home with windows and a brick chimney.  Nancy had cute curtins on the windows.  The Hatfields had planted trees and made a path/walkway to the front door.  There is a pole right in front of the house with something attached at the top -- any suggestions?  Not sure what is going on with the guns?

Hatfield Oklahoma Homestead, circa 1909
Left to right: Clinton holding horses, Alfred holding puppy, Grace holding horses, Martin holding a rifle, Nancy, Anna holding a rifle.  This photo was not dated, but guessing from the ages of the children, the photo was taken about 1909.

The local newspaper reported on the family's move into their new home and that they were "comfortably located."
Quinlan Mirror. (Quinlan, Okla.), Vol. 6, No. 51, Ed. 1 Thursday, March 4, 1909
Below is a 1906 Township Map for Woods County, Oklahoma - Township 22N Range 16W.  Martin M. Hatfield's homestead is in section 25 & 26.

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A big Thanks to everyone who is willing to share and contribute pictures and stories to the blog.

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Anonymous said...

It's cool that you found both pictures of the homestead - before & after building the new home. That was the American Dream. How proud they must have been to have their "new" home. Why did they move? Do you know what happened to the homestead?