Monday, July 7, 2008

Was our Great-Grandma a Choctaw Indian???

Stories have circulated for years that there was Indian blood on the Wilson line. Some say that there was a picture hanging in Grandma Pearl Wilson's house in Cortez of the Indian Grandma on the Wilson side. If anyone has that picture, please make a copy(scan) and send us -- especially of any notations on the back of the picture. Or if anyone has a picture of any of the James Wilson family, please contact us.  NO records have been found to prove (or disprove) American Indian heritage in our Wilson family. 

In about 1949, Vern (William Martin) Wilson was trying to get a roofing contract on the Navajo Reservation. He had to prove that he was part Indian, so he had his wife, Laura, type up a pedigree showing his Indian heritage (shown below). The document stated that he was 1/8 Choctaw Indian. He stated that his father's grandmother was a full blood Choctaw Indian. This great-grandmother, named Martha Ann, was the wife of James Wilson.  Her maiden name is unknown. The only information I have been able to find on this great-grandmother is a 1850 census record, land records in Texas and a cemetery headstone in Collin County, Texas. From those records I know that her name was Martha Ann (last name unknown) and that she was born about 1815 in South Carolina and died 16 Aug 1873 in Collin County, Texas.  She was buried in the Chambersville Cemetery in Collin County, Texas.   NONE of the records indicate that she was Native American.

I have found NO record or proof that she was or was not a Native American Indian.

Any additional information on Martha Ann Wilson, wife of James Wilson, would be appreciated!

Note: Most of the information in the record given by Vern & Laura has been verified and seems correct, BUT there are several known errors in this document that are listed below the document.

Known errors in the above document:
Line 9 -- Fathers Father should be William B. Wilson NOT William David Wilson (marriage record, Civil War Pension record, Pardon, land and court records all state his name as William B. Wilson)
Line 11 -- Fathers Mother, Mary Polly Huff was born in Grayson County, Virginia NOT West Virginia (Grayson County is in the western part of Virginia.)
Line 22 -- Mothers grandmother was Sarah M. Cole NOT Sarah M. Ball

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