Saturday, July 12, 2008

Cortez Cemetery

We spent the 4th of July visiting family in "Colorful Colorado." Before leaving, we were able to visit the Cortez cemetery where some of our Wilson and Martin family are buried.

This first headstone is for Grandpa Charles B. Wilson. Most people called him "Dad Wilson". Someone added the Wilson Brand to the headstone -- "/H" slash H
Right next to Charles B. Wilson is his wife, Minnie Pearl Hatfield Wilson.

Vern and Laura Wilson are also buried in the Cortez Cemetery. Vern's headstone has the "/H" Brand and a horse head carved into the top corners. Laura died in California and her ashes were sent back to Cortez to be buried next to Vern. We left a flag on Vern's headstone since he was in the Navy.

Below is the picture of the headstone for Elmer M. Martin and wife, Maymie Pearl Wilson Martin.
Here are two cousins looking at the headstones.
Below, we are standing in front of Vern Wilson's headstone.

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