Tuesday, July 14, 2015

July 14th - Maymie's Birthday

Maymie Pearl Wilson Martin  1905-1993

Maymie's Birth:
On July 13th, 1905 (the day before Maymie was born) Charlie Hatfield took his very pregnant sister, Pearl Wilson, in a wagon to their mother's house.  Pearl's parents, Martin and Nancy Hatfield, lived near the little town of Estelle, Oklahoma.  As Charlie loaded up Pearl in the wagon a storm was moving into the area.  Soon after starting on their journey, they had a tornado following in their path.  Charlie had to stand out on the doubletree of the wagon and whip the horses to out-run the storm.  Luckily the storm veered off in a different direction and they were able to safely arrive at the Hatfield homestead.  Maymie was born early the next morning, at 2:00 am on the 14th of July, 1905. It was a comfort and blessing for Pearl to have her mother (Nancy McNeil Hatfield) help her with the birth of her new baby daughter, Maymie Pearl Wilson.  But the little town of Estelle was not so lucky.  The tornado tore through the town and it was blown away and never rebuilt.
Below is a photo of the log home Maymie's grandparents lived in and where Maymie was born.
Hatfield Home in 1905

Maymie on her 50th Birthday:
This next photo was taken of Maymie on her 50th birthday - July 14th, 1955.  It appears to be taken outside of their Cortez home.
Maymie's 50th Birthday
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