Friday, November 22, 2013

Where were you 50 years ago today?

Where were you 50 years ago today?

All flags were at half mast today, 22 Nov 2013, as a Day of Remembrance for President John F. Kennedy.   Kennedy was assassinated 50 years ago today in Dallas, Texas. 

Most people who were alive in 1963 can remember where they were when they heard that President Kennedy had been assassinated.  I was at the junior high school in Cortez, Colorado, which at that time was in the old Calkins School building.  I remember standing in the hall with some friends between classes when a teacher came out of the classroom crying, "President Kennedy has been shot!"  More students and teachers gathered out in the hall, many were crying.

After I got home that day, the family was glued to the television as we watched the events that had happened that day in Texas. I remember feeling apprehensive about the future - very vulnerable.  It was probably the first time in my young life that I paid that much attention to the news and continued to do so over the next few days and weeks.

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TERRI said...

I didn't realize you were at the old Jr high..I was in the 8th grade, and Gary Slavens was my boyfriend..we were walking back from lunch..talking about it. I just remember thinking that my parents didn't vote for him~