Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Feuding Hatfields??

Martin Monroe Hatfield Family Photo
Were our Hatfield's part of a feud in Oklahoma??

This is a photo of the Martin Monroe Hatfield family on their Oklahoma homestead.  Martin and daughter, Anna, were holding rifles.  The family, looking rather stern and standing in front of their home, appear as if they were trying to scare or chase someone off their property.  Anna looks as if she were ready to shoot the next person to move any closer.  Were they holding guns to make a statement or were they just having fun posing for a photo?

Left to right:  Clinton holding horses, Alfred holding puppy, Grace holding horses, Martin holding a rifle, Nancy, Anna holding a rifle.  She looks a little like Annie Oakley instead of Anna Hatfield.
This photo was not dated, but guessing from the ages of the children, the photo was taken about 1907-1909.  Photo would have been taken on the Hatfield Homestead in Woods County, Oklahoma.

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The Hatfield family is part of the Wilson family line.  Our direct ancestor, Minnie Pearl Hatfield, married Charles B. Wilson.  She was the daughter of Martin Monroe Hatfield and Nancy A. McNeil.


Anonymous said...

Luv this picture of the Hatfields. Thanks 4 sharing. Do you have a map showing where the homestead was located?

Anonymous said...

Are these Hatfields connected to the Hatfields and McCoys? They kinda look like they could be part of that family. They do look like they were trying to chase someone off their property.

Anonymous said...

How far back can you trace your Hatfield line? Were they from Kentucky-West Virginia area? Sure look like they could be part of the feuding Hatfields.