Friday, January 16, 2009

Who is this??

Who is this photo of?? 
Could it be our David Miller Leffel??

This photo, or half a photo, was given to me some years ago. I was told it was one of the old relatives on the Leffel family

As you can see, the photo had been torn in half. We are looking at the top half. The backside of the photo has writing on it, but I am not exactly sure what the given name is.

The surname, which is partially torn away, appears to be "Leffel".
The given name is a puzzle. It could be an abbreviation for David or Daniel -- Davd for David or Danl for Daniel.
David and Daniel Leffel were brothers, sons of Anthony Leffel.
Our direct ancestor was David Leffel (1816-1862). He left Ohio and moved to Texas in the 1850's. David met a premature death at the age of 46, when he was killed during the Civil War by a confederate mob in Gainesville, TX.
Daniel Leffel (1828-1889) lived all his life in Ohio.
I am not sure how a photo of Daniel would end up being kept and treasured enough by our family in the west to survive all the turmoil and moves they incurred. It makes more sense that the family would keep a picture of David.
Any ideas??
Does anyone have a picture of David Miller Leffel or Daniel Leffel, so that we could compare this picture to?

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