Saturday, March 14, 2015

Anthony Leffel's Will and Probate, part 2

Anthony Leffel wrote his will on 16 January 1869 and died one year later on 28 January 1870.   At the time of his death, he was married to his second wife, a widow named Lydia Ann Mayne Harris. Anthony married Lydia in 1851 when he was 60 years old and about 7 months after the death of his wife, Mary Polly Miller.
This post contains the account of the distribution of Anthony Leffel's estate.  There were some disbursements of Anthony Leffel's estate starting in 1871.  After Anthony's widow, Lydia, died in 1879, the remainder of the estate was settled.

Distribution of Estate 1

Distribution of Estate 2

Distribution of Estate 3

Distribution of Estate 4

Distribution of Estate 5

Anthony Leffel's Will, part 3
Anthony Leffel Biographical Sketch

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