Thursday, March 13, 2014

Custer's account of the Box Family Massacre

In 2008, I posted an article about the Box Family Massacre by Indians,  which occurred August 1866 in  Montague County, Texas.  James Jackson Box, the father, was Grandma Baldwin's (Mabel Leffel Baldwin) first cousin once removed. 

Recently, the following comment was left on my previous post about the massacre:
"There is an account of the Box family massacre and subsequent captivity recorded by General George Custer in Chapter 4 of his book "My Life on The Plains". He obtained the details directly from the mother, whom he met when released from her captivity."

Following a google search, I found not only a pdf of the book available on Internet Archive but also an audio recording.  To listen to the account of the Box Family Massacre choose chapter 5 - about 15 minutes into the chapter.  Custer's book,  "My life on the plains. Or, Personal experiences with Indians,"can be found here.  
In 1874, General George A. Custer published his memoirs: "My life on the plains. Or, Personal experiences with Indians."  The 1874 book is part of the Library of Congress collection and was signed by Gen. George A. Custer.

Starting on page 43 (bottom paragraph), Custer relates the story of the Box Family Massacre.

Custer also included a drawing of Santana, 2nd Chief of the Kiowas.  Santana led the group of Indians that attacked, murdered, and kidnapped the Box Family.