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North and South

Since today is Veterans Day, I though I would try to list our Civil War Veterans.  We have family members who fought for the Union and family members who fought for the Confederate Army. 

In addition to direct ancestors, I will also list siblings of direct ancestors and spouses of siblings. 
I have added the family line the Civil War veteran can be found on if looking at my family tree.  They are listed for each of my great-grandparents lines: Martin, Weiss, Wilson, Hatfield, Baldwin, Stewart, Leffel, Box..  My trees at may have the pension records added for the veteran.

(Name, (family line), State served from, pension Yes/No, Federal pension if Union or state pension if Confederate.)

Union Army
Leonard D. Hatfield, (Hatfield) Iowa, Y, Federal pension
Daniel S. Coddington, (Hatfield), Missouri, Y, Federal pension  (5 sons also fought in Civil War)
Andrew McNeil, (Hatfield), Indiana, Y-widows pension, Died during war
Levi Taylor Ball, (Hatfield), Indiana, Y, Federal Pension
Nathaniel McNeil, (Hatfield) Indiana, Y, Federal pension
Russell Westcott, (Hatfield), Wisconsin, Y, Federal Pension
Henry Westcott, (Hatfield), Wisconsin, Y, Federal Pension
Joel Leffel, (Leffel), Ohio, y-widows pension, Died during war his widow filed for pension.
Anthony Jones, (Leffel), Ohio
Ollie Gordon, (Leffel), Ohio, Y, Killed 14 May 1864 Battle at Resaca, GA
Henry Gordon, (Leffel), Ohio
Harrison Gordon, (Leffel), Ohio
Ezra Gordon, (Leffel), Ohio
Willis Miller, (Leffel), Ohio, Killed in battle at Beverly, WV
Harrison Miller, (Leffel), Ohio
Samuel Miller, (Leffel), Ohio
J. Peery Miller, (Leffel), Ohio
Milton J. Miller, (Leffel), Ohio, Chaplin
James Leffel, (Leffel), Ohio
Henry R. Stewart, (Stewart),Tennessee, Y, Federal pension
Jacob M. Stewart, (Stewart),Tennessee, Y, Federal pension
Gottlieb Weiss, (Weiss), Illinois

Let us not forget our grandpa, David Miller Leffel, who was hanged during the Civil War in the Great Hanging at Gainesville, Texas 1862.  His crime -- having Union sympathies in Confederate Texas and not wanting to fight for the Confederates. So, although he did not die while in service, he died as a result of the war.

Confederate Army
Alan Baldwin, (Baldwin), Texas, N, ?died during war?
Benjamin F. Baldwin, (Baldwin), Texas, No pension found
Francis Marion Baldwin, (Baldwin),  Texas, No pension found
William Riley Medlin, (Baldwin), Tennessee, Y, Tennessee pension
Samuel L. Sadler, (Baldwin), Y, Texas pension
Elijah Lindley, (Baldwin), Texas
John Haning, (Leffel), Texas
Jesse F Thomas, (Leffel), Texas
Stephen Wesley Box, (Leffel), Texas
William B. Wilson, (Wilson), Texas, Y, Oklahoma pension
Fields Hoff, Texas, (Wilson), Texas, Y, Texas pension
Richard Huff, (Wilson), Texas, Y, Texas pension
Cosley Huff, (Wilson), Texas

National Parks Service website, (Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System):

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Jess & Mabel Married On Christmas Day

Jess & Mabel Married Christmas Day 1917

Jess and Mabel Baldwin
50th Wedding Anniversary
Jesse Baldwin and Mabel Leffel were married on Christmas Day 1917 in Mountain Park, Oklahoma by W. D. Rogers, a minister at the Missionary Baptist Church.  There is no known photo of their wedding day. Below is a copy of the marriage record from Kiowa County, Oklahoma.

Marriage Record for Jess Baldwin & Mabel Leffel

Jess and Mable Baldwin were the parents of fourteen (14) children and grandparents of 46 (50 including step-grandchildren) and great-grandparents of about 89.  Grandpa acted as midwife and delivered most of their children himself.  They never mentioned when Grandma was expecting a baby.  The children would come home from school there would be a new baby.  One of the daughters once asked her dad where the new little baby came from.  His reply was that he found the baby in a rabbit hole.  She said she spent the next week looking for a rabbit hole with a new little baby in it.:)
Jess and Mabel lived in Oklahoma during depths of the Great Depression.  In 1934, hoping to find better work to care for their growing family, the Baldwin's moved to Arizona.  Jess worked in Gilbert, Arizona on his Uncle Charlie's citrus groves and cotton fields.  They lived in Arizona for a few years before finally settling in Southwestern Colorado in about 1938.  They first lived at Summit Point (on the Colorado/Utah border) then moved to Montrose and Cortez.  Money was always tight for the large Baldwin family, but they never went without food and shelter.  
Those of us who are older are fortunate enough to remember Grandpa Jess.  Ask any of the cousins and some of their favorite childhood memories are of spending time with grandpa.  We all remember helping grandpa feed and milk the cows and how he would tell us to look up to see the star and then squirt us in the face with milk.  Grandpa loved to tell stories and always had a willing audience when grandchildren were around.  He loved the holidays and always tried to make them special for his children and grandchildren - especially Christmas.  And, we could all say without a doubt that we knew grandpa loved us. 
Grandma was always busy cooking and taking care of everyone.  She was one of the best cooks around and always made room for friends and guests to join in the family meals.  Everyone loved grandma's cooking.  Caring for a large family during the depression was a challenge and Grandma made most of the clothes that the family needed.  One of the girls might show grandma a picture of a dress they liked in the catalog and she would make one just like it for them. One memory I have is of Grandma humming or singing as she worked around the house or in the garden.  She always had a large vegetable garden and would can fruits and vegetables every fall.  Her tomatoes were the best!  She was an amazing woman.  We (her descendants) refer to her as a super woman!

30th Wedding Anniversary

Jess & Mabel 1961

Jess & Mabel 50th

Does anyone have a wedding picture for Grandma & Grandpa Baldwin??  If so, please share a copy!

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Jess and Mabel Baldwin

Jess and Mabel (Leffel) Baldwin
Headstones and Obituaries 

Jess and Mabel Baldwin
Mabel Leffel Baldwin and Jess William Baldwin are buried in the Grand View Cemetery in Montrose, Colorado.

Obituary for Jess Baldwin from the Montrose Daily Press:
Jess W. Baldwin of the Shavano community died Wednesday in Memorial Hospital. A retired rancher, he had resided in Colorado since 1937 and in the Montrose area since 1939. Born March 28, 1898 at Graham, Texas to Allen and Mary J. (Stewart) Baldwin, Jess W. Baldwin spent his early life in that vicinity.
On Dec. 25, 1917, he was married at Mountain Park, Oklahoma to Mabel E. Leffel. In addition to his wife, he is survivied by four sons and eight daughters: Joe H. and William A. Baldwin, Mrs. Dan (Ethel) Scott, and Mrs. Ken (Joan) Greenhalgh, all of Montrose; Jess V. and Jack H. Baldwin, Mesa, Arizona; Mrs. Dee (Leona) Coker and Mrs. C.L. (Esther) Neff, Camarillo, California; Mrs. Vernyle (Juanita) Thompson, Dolores; Mrs. Leroy (Verna) Martin, Cortez; Mrs. Dwayne (Glenda) Lichliter, Grand Junction; Mrs. Terry (Beverly) Rigler, Houston, Texas. One son and one daughter are deceased. There are 42 grandchildren and nine great grandchildren.
Brothers and sisters are Charlie Baldwin, Corcoran, California; Clyde Baldwin and Mrs. Betty Miller, Lancaster, California; Tom Baldwin, Stockton, California; Mrs. Maud Killian and Mrs. Ettie Barker, Mountain Park, Oklahoma.
Services will be conducted by Pastor A. J. Kubish Saturday at 2 p.m. from the First Baptist Church. Interment in Grand View Cemetery will be directed by the Valley Funeral Home.
Jesse Baldwin Headstone Carving

 Obituary for Mabel Edna Leffel Baldwin Martin from the Montrose Daily Press, 21 Mar 1995, Montrose, Colorado:

Mabel Baldwin Martin, 94, a resident of Delta for the past three years, died of a sudden illness on Saturday, March 18, 1995, in St. Mary's Hospital and Regional Medical Center at Grand Junction.
Funeral Services to honor Mrs. Baldwin-Martin's life will be officiated by the Rev. Jasper Weaver on Wednesday, March 22, at 3 p.m. from the Montrose First Assembly of God Church, 515 S. Hillcrest.
Interment will follow the service in the Grand View Cemetery, with arrangements being handled under the direction of the Montrose Valley Funeral Home.
Born in Graham, Texas on Nov. 21, 1900, Mabel Leffel was the daughter of Charles Edgar and Caldona Jane (Box) Leffel. She spent her childhood, received her education, and grew to adulthood in Chickasha, Oklahoma.
Miss Leffel married Jesse W. Baldwin on Dec. 25, 1917, in Mountain Park, Oklahoma.
In 1943, the Baldwins ran the sale barn in Montrose and then moved to Cortez and ran the sale barn there. Mrs. Baldwin, a homemaker, fried chicken, baked bread and pies for the Indians on the reservation near Cortez.
Mrs. Baldwin lost her husband, Jesse W. Baldwin, to death in 1972 at Montrose. She married Ernest Martin and the couple lived in Chickasha, Oklahoma. Mr. Martin preceded her in death in 1993, following a lengthy illness.
Mrs. Martin moved to Delta three years ago to live with her daughter, where she made her home until her death.
She is survived by three sons: Joe H. Baldwin of Montrose; Jack H. Baldwin of Sierra Vista, Ariz.; Buck Baldwin of Gilbert, Ariz.; seven daughters: Joan Brownen of Chickasha, Oklahoma; Ethel Taylor of Montrose; Beverly Wagner, Juanita Thompson, Glenda Pilgrim, all of Delta; Esther Neff of Camarillo, California; Verna Martin of Cortez; 47 grandchildren; 89 great-grandchildren; and 17 great-great-grandchildren.
In addition to both of her husbands and parents, Mrs. Martin was also preceded in death by four children: Billie Jean Baldwin, Weldon A. Baldwin, Jesse V. Baldwin and Sue Coker.
She was a member of the Church of Christ and the Rebekah Lodge.
Mrs. Martin played the organ and sang at her church. Her children remember her singing hymns around the house. She enjoyed quilting, sewed all her own clothing and was an avid gardener. She always had a meal for anyone who was hungry. In addition to her own 14 children, Mrs. Martin raised two grandchildren and two other children as well.

Below is a photo taken the day of Grandpa's funeral.  Grandma is in the center and surrounded by her children and Grandpa's brother, Tom Baldwin (without hat).

Find-A-Grave Memorial Pages

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